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Building Blocks of Violin Virtuosity Volume 2: Bowing Basics (Insights of Jascha Brodsky) - by Valerie Bobbett Gardner

Building Blocks of Violin Virtuosity Volume 2: Bowing Basics (Insights of Jascha Brodsky) - by Valerie Bobbett Gardner | VG2DVD

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About This Item

The second volume of Valerie Bobbett Gardners' series The Building Blocks of Violin Virutosity covers bowing basics and how you can learn from the masters.

"Have you ever marveled at the enchanting and crystal-clear tone produced by Hillary Hahn and David Oistrakh? Find out how you can emulate these masters in this easy-to-follow, interactive Books & DVDs.

I wonder sometimes, "Is there anything more pleasurable than the beauty, brilliance and endless variety which results from the perfectly natural bow hold and its function?" All it takes to forever limit ones possibilities is simply the wrong bow hold. Through this, the wrist is forced to bend in the "wrong" direction, and pushing with the index finger replaces the natural weight of the arm. The sound is compromised, joints tend to lock, and seamless bow changes and smooth string crossings become almost impossible.
- Valerie Bobbett Gardner

This Books & DVDs, Before and After Brodsky, covers Bow Hold Observations, Steps to a Natural Bow Hold, Bow Manipulation Exercises. Thumb Position and Bow Hand Position, Bow Hand Support, Position and Function of Right Wrist, Bow Direction, Height of Right Arm, Upper-half Bows, Lower-half Bows: Placement and Stopped Bows, Stopped and Semi-Stopped Whole Bows, Bow Changes, Bow Changes at Frog, Bow Changes at Tip, and How to Practice Bow Changes.

�I enthusiastically recommend Valerie Gardner's excellent Books & DVDss. Essential technical skills are clearly explained and demonstrated by Mrs. Gardner and her students.� - Michael Avsharian, Shar Executive Vice President


About the Teacher

Progressing from her first violin lessons at age 8, Valerie served as Concertmaster of the Couth Carolina All-State Orchestras throughout Jr. & Sr. High. Her summers were spent at the Brevard Music Center and at the Meadowmount School of Music as a student of Ivan Galamian. Her other teachers during this time were Jerrie Lucktenberg (Juilliard graduate) and Elaine Richey (Curtis graduate & assistant to Ivan Galamian). Following graduation, Valerie earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Curtis Institute of Music under Jascha Brodsky and a Masters of Music from Carnegie-Mellon University under Sydney Harth. She was a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for several years before leaving to pursue private string teaching.

Teaching Experience

Having begun teaching at age 15, Valerie has nearly fifty years of experience instructing teachers and students alike - from beginning to the most advanced. The Violin Virtuosity Books & DVDs series combines insights from Jascha Brodsky and secrets which she has learned from years of analyzing the needs of hundreds of students. She has published complete scale Books & DVDs for violin and viola, taught string workshops, and conducted clinics to enable string players to overcome awkwardness and destructive tension. Presently, she is a professor at North Georgia College and State University while continuing to maintain her private teaching studio. Her students have regularly won top honors in many competitions.

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