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Gerle, Robert - The Art of Practicing the Violin - Violin solo - Stainer and Bell Edition

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Valuable instruction on the left hand, bow arm, sight-reading, and memorization. This book is cerain to improve your practice quality. Illustrated. (110 pp. paperback)

"Inspired by a quote from Beethoven: 'Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets', this book is designed to teach the violinist to practice productively by going through time management, practicing of both hands, musical ideas and other elements of practicing. This is the ultimate practicing manual!"
- Sarah Cranor, Shar Apprentice

Essays On Violin Pedagogy by Lyman Bodman

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27 essays on various aspects of violin teaching such as Introducing the Bow, Vibrato , The Adult Beginner, and Double Stopping. A very readable work by the 30-year professional of violin, viola, and string pedagogy at Michigan State University. (8 1/2 x 11 , 61 pp. paperback)

Exploring the Bow Arm Set DVD

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Bernard Greenhouse Cello Master Class Set DVD



Contains both volumes of the Bernard Greenhouse master classes.

Mimi Zweig String Pedagogy 2008 edition DVD

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This new Multimedia Reference Books & DVDs-ROM includes over 70 video clips that illustrate Mimi Zweig'

Beyond Talent by Angela Myles Beeching

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Recollections of a Peripatetic Pedagogue by John Kendall

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Suzuki pioneer John Kendall's recollections of events in his life and career. 130 page softcover book with over 50 photographs.

�The appropriateness of 'peripatetic pedagogue' to describe my career can best be understood by glancing at the maps in the endpapers of this book, where my travels, both national and international, are recorded. Indeed, a colleague once called me 'the Marco Polo of the Suzuki Method'. Another thought 'Johnny Appleseed of the Suzuki movement' might be appropriate. Fortunately, no one has yet designated me 'the Genghis Khan of the violin world', although the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun once described me as a member of the 'American Strange Teachers Association' � John Kendall

The Bach Chaconne ed Jon F Eiche

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A definitive and scholarly work for anyone who wishes to master this monumental work, arguably the greatest in the violin literature. Among topics covered by Jon Elche are history, analysis and interpretation. Included are views on interpretation by Carl Flesch and Joseph Szigeti. 156 pages.

Nurtured by Love by S. Suzuki - Original and Revised Translations

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The Original Translation of Dr. Suzuki's Classic Treatise on Talent Education
A case for early childhood education and the high potential of every human being, not just the seemingly gifted. Describes the discovery of Suzuki's philosophy and principles of his Method. (121 pp, paperback)

Dr. Suzuki presents his insights and makes the case that all humans have high potential, not just the seemingly gifted. From this insight came the development of the Suzuki Method for early childhood education. This book describes the discovery of Suzuki's philosophy and the principles of his Method. Translated by Waltraud Suzuki, published 1983, 107 pp, paperback.

Which should I choose � the original or revised translation?
The revised translation by Kyoko and Lili Selden adds a table of contents as well as a different viewpoint.

Compare the first paragraph for yourself:

Original translation (H2P)
All Japanese children speak Japanese
Oh � why, Japanese children can all speak Japanese! The thought suddenly struck me with amazement. In fact, all children throughout the world speak their native tongues with the utmost fluency. Any and every Japanese child � all speak Japanese without difficulty. Does that not show a startling talent? How, by what means, does this come about? I had to control an impulse to shout my joy over this discovery.

Revised translation (H2PN)
Children Throughout Japan Speak Japanese 
�Ohh! Children everywhere in Japan are speaking Japanese!�I leaped up in astonishment. Each and every child speaks Japanese freely, and they do so without any difficulty whatsoever. Isn't this a marvelous ability? Why is this? How has this come to pass? I could barely suppress my impulse to run into the streets, shouting.

Rhythmizing The Bow DVD

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