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A Schmidt™ Brazilwood Violin Bow

Item # : VBH44


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A. Schmidt brazilwood bows are a good choice for young players. Offers better flexibility, response, and playability. Fully-lined ebony frog with Parisian three-part button, thumb leather, wire winding.


A Schmidtâ„¢ Brazilwood Violin Bow

Ratings & Reviews

11/6/2020 11:20:00 pm

not that good

I bought this bow and the wood is a little bent and the silver part near the frog, when I opened the package, was broken and was moving when it's not supposed to

12/5/2017 11:02:00 am

Lasted 2 years

For the price, it was a good choice for my middle school daughter. It lasted two years before the screw stripped and she could no longer tighten the hairs.

9/5/2017 11:47:00 pm


I bought this one . I liked it a lot. Good sound. Enough weigh to keep balance to play. Thanks. :)

1/28/2016 7:00:00 pm

Pretty responsive, good quality, nicely balanced bow

That is pretty responsive, nicely balanced, quality made student bow. I purchased this one after I noticed that my child's playing sound has become dull without any apparent reason (even though her bow technique is correct). Her sound became so much alive immediately! Everyone in our family instantly started making comments on her perfect ;) new sound. Nice!

11/19/2012 1:37:00 am

not good

This bow came as part of the new outfit I bought for my son. He has been playing for 3 years and is ready for a better set. This bow has a very heavy sound and a very poor quality tone when trying to play piano (pianissimo is not possible with this bow). It is also poorly balanced and UTTERLY unforgiving. It is described as being a GOOD, FLEXIBLE bow well-suited to young players. It is NEITHER of these things. After 2 months trying to get used to it, we've officially declared it worthless and I will be replacing it immediately.If I could give it NO STARS, I would.

7/10/2011 10:02:00 pm

Excellent Economic Choice

I bought this bow as a loaner bow for my students. It's fabulous for the price! Although flexible, it has adequate firmness, excellent tone, and is well-balanced. This bow has amazing projection as well. For the price and purpose, it's a steal. The first student I loaned it to bought it from me!

8/25/2010 5:13:00 am


I am disappointed in this bow. I have used it only a few times but it has already taken a very nasty side bend. I do not overtighten my bows and I always leave them fully relaxed when cased, so this should not have happened so soon. Also, this bow lacks the ability to dig into the string regardless of the type or amount of rosin used. Overall, not happy with this purchase.

2/10/2010 10:23:00 pm

1/32 bow

I find this little bow to be well made and should certainly handle the needs of very young students. It is sturdy and adjusts easily. It is also very attractive and 'grown up' looking which appeals to many youngsters.