A Silent Violin

A Silent Violin?

Aren't violins made to be heard? Why would you want a silent violin? We explore the advantages.

Let's Jam

Let's Jam!

There are a lot of different ways to go electric. Let us help guide you!

Pernambuco vs. Carbon Fiber

Pernambuco vs. Carbon Fiber

We explore the differences between pernambuco and carbon fiber bows.

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Customer Reviews

  • Toshira™ Deluxe TC100 Violin Case | TC100 110

    great for fraction violin, too

    Anonmyous - 05/02/2012

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    Mach One Viola Shoulder Rest Hook Model | 1370HV M

    Great Shoulder Rest!

    Anonmyous - 06/12/2012

    View Product

  • Bonmusica Viola Shoulder Rest (fits 16" size) | 1397V 16

    A little too custom

    Doyle - 08/06/2007

    View Product

  • Franz Hoffmann® Concert Viola Outfit - 16.5 inch | SH500VT 165

    Easily the best Viola for the money

    MICHAEL DAVIS - 09/13/2012

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    Center Pitch Universal Intonation Tool CP2 | ST68

    functional with simple engineering

    Laura - 10/28/2008

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  • Franz Hoffmann® Maestro Violin Outfit with TC100 Case - 4/4 size | SVB2WH44

    Very nice student violin

    Anonmyous - 10/14/2012

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  • Carlson, Marilyn - Hymn Tunes for Unaccompanied Violin - Mel Bay Publication | 1426 142

    decent but predictable

    Anonmyous - 10/18/2012

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    Step by Step Volume 2A with CD (Mother Tongue Method) Arranged by Kerstin Wartberg. For Violin. Published by Alfred Music Publishing. | 0020 112

    Great for Teaching and For Parents

    Anonmyous - 10/31/2013

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  • Plug 'n Play&#0153 4-string Electric Violin Outfit | PPV24T

    Good instrument

    Anonmyous - 12/11/2013

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  • Shar Professional H-Series Lightweight Violin Case | 500HL BLU 44

    Great except for handle and closure...

    Anonmyous - 08/18/2011

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    Presto® Impulse Carbon Fiber Violin Bow | PI900

    The Perfect Bow!

    Adam DeGraff (The Due - 08/13/2010

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  • Franz Hoffmann® Maestro Violin Outfit with TC66 Case - 3/4 size | SVB2WHZ34

    Disappointed in tone

    Anonmyous - 02/20/2011

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  • Fishman Piezo Ceramic Pickup for Violin and Viola | V100

    Not just for bowed insturements

    Anonmyous - 08/30/2010

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    D'Addario Natural Rosin - Light | DR1 L

    D'Addario Natural Rosin - Light

    Kelsey Castillo - 01/30/2008

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  • GL Combi Violin Case | GLC WHI

    Flawless; what I've always wanted, but...

    GRACE LEE - 12/26/2012

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  • Presto® Encore Carbon Fiber Violin Bow | CPV136 X 44


    Juila - 04/20/2008

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    Heavy Practice Mute for Violin or Viola - Metal | 1167

    Excellent job of muting sound, excellent job of cr

    Christina - 11/22/2008

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  • The Musician's Practice Log by Burton Kaplan | H271P

    Best practice planner I've every used

    Anonmyous - 10/26/2010

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  • Technical Fundamentals of the Soviet Masters | H276P

    Excellent resource

    Lisa - 02/09/2008

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    GelRest Stick-on GelPad for Violin and Viola | 1114GEL BLK

    My daughter loves her GelRest

    Anonmyous - 05/14/2012

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