A Silent Violin

A Silent Violin?

Aren't violins made to be heard? Why would you want a silent violin? We explore the advantages.

National Rentals, SHAR Way

National Rentals, SHARWay

Whether you are just starting out or steadily improving, SHAR is committed to helping you achieve the highest possible musical goals.

Traveling with Your Cello

Traveling with your Cello

Traveling with your instrument can be tricky, especially if you play cello. Read our tips.

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Customer Reviews

  • Embassy™ Courier Violin Case | 547 G BLK 44

    Good for the price, but won't last

    WILLIAM ATKERSON - 01/06/2010

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    Toshira™ Deluxe Viola Case | TC100V 15

    Very Nice!

    Anonmyous - 11/17/2010

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  • Embassy™ Courier Violin Case | 547 G BLK 44

    very pleased

    Anonmyous - 12/01/2011

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  • Carlo Lamberti® Classic Violin - 4/4 size | LV14 44


    Anonmyous - 06/19/2012

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    Toshira™ Deluxe Viola Case | TC100V 15


    Anonmyous - 11/24/2009

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  • Bam Single Padded Strap For Hitech Violin or Cello Cases | CBMS

    excellent strap

    DJ ORR - 05/19/2013

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  • Pillow Pad Crescent Shaped Shoulder Rest Pad - Medium | 1326 M

    Simple, inexpensive and very effective

    Arthur Krieck - 09/25/2007

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    They're Rarely Too Young & Never Too Old To Twinkle by Kay Slone | H12

    Rarely too Young/Never too Old to Twinkle

    Skippy Mardon - 06/22/2009

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  • Bow Stopper - Blue | BS2 BLU

    Fantastic teaching tool!

    FRANCES BOROWSKI - 11/15/2012

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  • Stretto® Humidifier for Violin or Viola | S1010

    Effective humidity control, even in Chicago

    Doyle - 08/06/2007

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    Playonair Junior Jumbo Violin Shoulder Rest | 1614 J

    A great option, especially for 3/4 size instrument

    JOEL PATTINSON - 09/24/2012

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  • Carlo Lamberti® Sonata Violin | LV11 12

    Affordable Excellence

    Anonmyous - 12/11/2010

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  • Heritage&#174 Go Violin Case | 577 BLU 44

    my favorite case

    KRISTIN SMITH - 08/10/2011

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    Pirastro Goldflex Rosin for Violin and Viola | PR12


    Anonmyous - 10/18/2012

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  • Popular Performance Classics for Violin  - arranged by Gendron Robbins - Santorella Publications | 1900 055

    Great book for intermediate to advanced beginners.

    Anonmyous - 02/12/2014

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  • Sofia Master Art Violin - 4/4 size | S5044

    Vesko Apostolov, 2007 Master Art

    Alistair Kok - 09/03/2009

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    Embassy™ Courier Violin Case | 547 G BLK 44

    Not Rubber On the Outside

    Anonmyous - 03/21/2013

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  • Bam Contoured (Shaped) Hightech Viola Case Tweed | ABM8TWE44

    Addendum-customer service

    STEVE RANKIN - 04/04/2014

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  • BOSS Dr. Beat DB 30 Metronome | M30

    Does Everything

    Andrea Tatum - 02/22/2008

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    Wood 5-String Fretless Viper Magenta Burl Top | V5B-M118BET

    Best Designed Electric Violin Out There!

    Paul Violin - 05/01/2008

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