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Our Safe, Easy, and Risk-Free In Home Trial Program allows you to try up instruments or bows for a 7 day trial period.

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National Rentals, SHAR Way

National Rentals, SHARWay

Whether you are just starting out or steadily improving, SHAR is committed to helping you achieve the highest possible musical goals.

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Customer Reviews

  • Light Music Stand with Bag | LS5

    This is a really good stand...

    Anonmyous - 09/21/2011

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    Korg Chromatic Tuner | KT30

    Not for noisy rooms

    Amanda L. - 06/09/2008

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  • Presto® Audition Carbon Fiber Violin Bow | CPV126 X 12

    Probably not for every player

    ROBERT BERG - 02/16/2013

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  • Heritage® Mobile Lightweight Cello Case 4/4 Size | 2110 44

    Good case if you don't haul it around a lot.

    Nicole Plank - 05/11/2010

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    K&M Battery Operated Deluxe Music Stand Light | 1554

    K&M lamp

    Joeffrey - 01/08/2008

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  • Peter Infeld (PI) Violin SET with Platinum Plated E String and Silver Wound D String Medium Gauge | P100S

    Last a LONG time and still sound great!

    PAMELA EVANS - 01/26/2013

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  • Flesch Ebony Violin Chinrest - Center Mounted with No Hump | 1120 F

    Helped this Beginner Player Get Pitch Improvement

    LEANN SWIECZKOWSKI - 10/23/2012

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    Step by Step Volume 2A with CD (Mother Tongue Method) Arranged by Kerstin Wartberg. For Violin. Published by Alfred Music Publishing. | 0020 112

    Great for Teaching and For Parents

    Anonmyous - 10/31/2013

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  • Spector Violin Mute - Copper | 1304 CPR

    A Very Good Mute

    Anonmyous - 04/09/2010

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  • Perlman - Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island, Book and Cd. For Fiddle. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. | 0316 142

    All you need to play PEI-style

    Robert - 01/29/2008

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    Otto Ernst Fischer® Bianca Violin 4/4 Size | OF480 44

    The best violin ever owned!

    HALEY SCHILLIG - 05/25/2014

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  • Tourte Original Mute for Violin or Viola - Single | 1305

    Nice mute - and a little tip for squeaky mutes

    Anonmyous - 04/29/2013

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  • Givens, Shirley - Adventures in Violinland, Book 1A: "The Beginning" - Arioso Press Publication | 0141 123

    Don't walk, but RUN to this method!

    KELBY GOODNIGHT - 08/18/2013

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    Popper, David - High School of Cello Playing Op. 73. Published by Barenreiter. | 3043 114

    Best Edition!


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  • Bonmusica Viola Shoulder Rest (fits 16" size) | 1397V 16

    A little too custom

    Doyle - 08/06/2007

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  • American Case Company Continental Violin Case | ACV8 X RED

    Masterful Case Below $300

    Anonmyous - 11/01/2012

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    Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle | 1336 G M

    Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle

    Anonmyous - 05/07/2012

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  • Mighty Bright Duet 2 Music Stand Light in Black | 1558D

    Touchy Switchs

    Anonmyous - 05/02/2014

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  • Suzuki Violin School CD, Volume 2, Performed by Suzuki | CDVS2

    well done

    Steve - 08/06/2007

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    Bam Contoured (Shaped) Hightech Violin Case Black | VBM8BLK44


    Quentin Sanders - 10/14/2007

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