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Parent and Beginner FAQs

FAQs from Parents & Beginners

You asked, we answered. Read the FAQs from parents and beginning players.

The Music Pencil - Palamino Blackwing

Blackwing - The Music Pencil

Has Palamino resurrected the iconic pencil used by famous musicians and artists of the 20th Century?

National Rentals, SHAR Way

National Rentals, SHARWay

Whether you are just starting out or steadily improving, SHAR is committed to helping you achieve the highest possible musical goals.

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Customer Reviews

  • Flesch Ebony Violin Chinrest - Center Mounted with No Hump | 1120 F

    Helped this Beginner Player Get Pitch Improvement

    LEANN SWIECZKOWSKI - 10/23/2012

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    Strad Pad Chinrest - Large - Elastic Attach | 1121 L

    useful & durable

    LAURA ADAMS - 03/19/2010

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  • Hill Light Rosin for Violin, Viola, and Cello | 1190

    Wonderful Rosin

    Anonymous - 11/01/2012

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  • Kun Original Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 3/4 - 4/4 size) | 1313

    slips for me

    MARGARET LEE - 09/06/2010

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    Finissima Violin Mute | 1320

    OK Mute; Not Much Difference

    GRACE LEE - 10/24/2012

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  • Motrya Gold Rosin for Violin, Viola, or Cello | 1347

    Great Rosin

    JOEL PATTINSON - 03/09/2010

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  • Wolf Forte Primo Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 3/4 - 4/4 size) | 1443

    More height than most Shoulder Rests

    LEANN SWIECZKOWSKI - 10/23/2012

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    Fun With Positions: 2nd to 5th  - Beginner Book by Evelyn Avsharian | A55

    The first of many Asharvians I will purchase!

    KELBY HORTON - 03/11/2010

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  • Fun With Solos: Favorite Recital Pieces for 1st and 3rd Positions - Intermediate Book for Violin by Evelyn Avsharian | A70

    Fun with solos is the best!!

    Janet Hackett - 02/25/2010

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  • Klaus Becker® Pernambuco Cello Bow - 4/4 size | CB7

    A very good bow

    ROBERT JEFFERS - 08/31/2010

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    Thomastik Infeld Dominant Violin String Set with Wound E String Loop End - 4/4 Size - Weich Gauge | D135S 44 W

    Wish I had tried them sooner.

    DARRYL KUBIAN - 11/02/2012

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  • Games and Motivation for the Suzuki Violin Student - by Diane Wagstaff | H111

    Never another boring lesson!

    KELBY HORTON - 03/11/2010

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  • Pirastro Oliv Rosin for Violin and Viola | PR11

    good stuff

    Anonymous - 03/08/2010

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    Franz Hoffmann® Maestro Violin Outfit with TC100 Case - 4/4 size | SVB2WH44

    Beautiful violin!

    RICHARD MARTIN - 09/09/2010

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  • Fishman Piezo Ceramic Pickup for Violin and Viola | V100

    Not just for bowed insturements

    Anonymous - 08/30/2010

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  • SHAR Cleaner, Polish, and Cloth Gift Pack | 1138U

    Gift Pack

    Anonymous - 03/17/2010

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    Kun Bravo Shoulder Rest - Hardwood and Solid Brass | 1313W

    Same great shape and comfort... but different padding?

    Anonymous - 11/18/2014

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  • Wittner Hypoallergenic Plastic Violin Chinrest - Side Mounted (fits 4/4 size) | 122344

    Great Chin Rest

    DARRYL KUBIAN - 11/02/2012

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  • Fishman Professional Pickup for Violin | V200

    perfect pickup

    ALLISON GILTINAN - 08/07/2010

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    Musicians Practice Planner | MPP

    Great planner for parents and students

    Anonymous - 11/05/2014

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