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Sunday - Wednesday: Closed,
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22748 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington, MI 48336
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Store Hours
Thursday-Friday: 3-7p
Saturday: 10a-5p
Sunday-Wednesday: Closed

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Shar Farmington Store Front at 22748 Orchard Lake Road Shar Farmington Staff, Paul and Tim
Meet the Staff
Tim Sterken Tim Sterken
Tim combined his passions for musical instruments and woodworking when he joined the SHAR Production Shop in 2003. After serving as the Head Technician he attended the Galloup School of Lutherie to study guitar building. Upon graduating from the School’s Master Program Tim went on to work as a String Instrument Repair Specialist servicing many Oakland County Schools and private parties.

Tim continues to spend much of his free time in his basement workshop building instruments and is thankful to have found a career that is so fulfilling.
Sasha Brandt Sasha Brandt
Sasha Brandt wandered around the musical world before settling on the bass: a couple years of piano, close to a decade of violin, and one summer trying to figure out the mouth harp. When she was twelve, she heard a recording of an electric bassist playing with folk music legend Arlo Guthrie, and deeply confused, thought it was upright bass. It was only during her freshman year of college, after 6 years of study, that she heard the recording again and realized her error, but by then she had become enamored with lugging her bass around, and cheerfully ignoring comments about how much easier it would be to carry a piccolo. Sasha now holds a degree in Music Performance from Eastern Michigan University, and enjoys origami, baking, and trying to raise exotic houseplants that are in no way suited for Michigan winters.
Our Farmington shop is designed to serve the needs of the local string community. We rent student violin, viola, cello and double bass outfits and provide service to local school district orchestra programs. You will also find a selection of popular accessories, strings and sheet music at our shop. For players needing advanced instruments, we offer a wide selection to fit every need and budget. space
space SHAR Farmington FAQs space What is available at the SHAR Farmington store?
The Store offers full support of our rental operations and carries a selection of popular accessories, method books, and step up instruments for sale. We can also have any (in stock) item Shar carries delivered to the store for pickup in Farmington.

What if I go to the store and they don’t have the item I wanted on hand?
You may call ahead of time to check the status of any SHAR item and we will be happy to make sure we have it ready for you. If you visit us and are unable to buy what you are looking for, we will ship the item to you at no additional expense.

Can I get a rental instrument at SHAR Farmington?
Absolutely! We offer full support of our rentals at the Farmington location.

What repair services are offered?
SHAR Farmington services Oakland county school instruments and bows, Rental stock, and student level instruments and bows. Fine instruments and bows will be serviced in Ann Arbor.

Will the new store offer private lessons?
Yes! We are offering limited hours of in-store private lessons. If you are looking for lessons, please contact the SHAR Farmington store by phone at 248.476.8745 or email.

Do I need to make an appointment?
No appointment is necessary. However, we recommend calling or emailing ahead of time to ensure we will have in stock what you need: 248.476.8745 or email.