Don't Fret Position Indicator for Violin

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An ideal help for beginning students No need to painstakingly place tapes on the fingerboard. The easy-to-use Don't Fret goes on in one piece and uses colored lines to show the basic finger positions, and white lines to show the chromatic tones. Please make sure that you clean off the instrument's fingerboard prior to use. If not, the glue may leave a residue on the fingerboard when the tape is removed.
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    Posted By: Virginia Smedberg from Palo Alto, CA
    April 17, 2013

    helps student understand!

    The advantage to the whole "don't fret", as opposed to the "first frets", for ME as a teacher is that it gets the students, 1) to understand that there is a difference between whole & half steps, nd 2) they ask about the white lines then I show them, relating to keyboard. I always have my students draw the finger positions on a scale chart form anyway, which has all the "fingerprints" on it (I designed it), and for beginners I draw a colored line to match the colored frets. Since I don't take students younger than about 8, I can see that teachers of younger ones, esp those w/ no piano knowledge, might prefer the "first frets" version. So I'm glad they make both types. Eventually the students learn to find the notes by ear, but esp if they are playing in school groups (where they really can't hear themselves well and not everyone is playing in tune - ! - ) this tool is wonderful for helping the student gain some self confidence that they are doing it "right". A bit time-consuming to apply, but not that difficult if you follow their instructions. And well worth the effort! ... (See Full Review)

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  • Rating:
    30 Stars
    Posted By: Anonymous from IRVINGTON , NY
    February 16, 2012

    Nice Idea, but...

    Learning the violin at first is difficult enough- while this is easier to *apply* at first than traditional tapes, I've found that the majority of my students really struggle with it, simply ecause there's too much information- half steps as well as whole steps are given, so at first it's confusing to know where to put fingers down. Even though they *know* to put their fingers on the yellow, red, and blue tapes, they end up putting them on the white. I've taken these off and now use "Mark, Set, Go!" instead which come with the handy fuzzy black sticker for thumb placement... Intonation is much better, resulted in many "aha!" moments. ... (See Full Review)

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