Peter Infeld (PI) Violin SET with Tin Plated E String and Silver Wound D String Medium Gauge

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A revolution in tonal sound and color for the discerning musician, Peter Infeld (PI) strings produce a rich spectrum of sound colors, the perfect blend of power & elegance, and a wide dynamic range. The strings deliver instant bow response, as well as superior tuning ability.

Choose from Tin, Gold, and the unique Platinum plated E strings, and the Aluminum or Silver wound D strings to achieve a made-to-measure sound for each individual instrument and player. E-strings have a removable ball.

A Total Game Changer
Just in the way that technological advances in racket strings have turned tennis into a game that bears no resemblance to the game of the past, PI strings will change how we play the violin. 

These strings take acceptable violins and transform them into world class instruments.
- Steven Shipps, Professor of Violin, University of Michigan

Best Strings Ever
As a concertmaster for some of Hollywood's greatest films I place great demands on the strings I use. [They] are simply the best strings I ever played and they are my new companions in the recording studio.
- Endre Granat, Concertmaster

Extra Brilliance
Peter Infeld Strings provide me with the extra brilliance, quick response and ring that I desire on my violin. 
- Glenn Dicterow, Concertmaster, New York Philharmonic 

This Set includes:

- Tin plated E string
- Aluminum wound A string
- Silver wound D string
- Silver wound G string
The Best String Guarantee
Please inspect your strings immediately upon receipt. Installed strings are not returnable, unless they break within the first 30 days after purchase.

30-Day String Return Policy
Unopened strings may be returned within 30 days, so that we may supply all our customers with the freshest possible strings. Because of tonal qualities of each instrument are unique, we cannot accept string returns for reasons of tone, including false strings.

If you have any questions about this product's warranty or to make a return, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800.793.4334 or email us at sharserv@sharmusic.com

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