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Evah Pirazzi Viola Strings (Pirastro)
Truly outstanding with rave reviews from professionals demanding the best in power and quality. Synthetic core string with warm tonal characteristics. Offers wide dynamic range, intense and brilliant colorations, and quick response.
15" - 16.5"
$22.07 - 115.34
Dominant Viola Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
Widely regarded as the 'reference standard', Dominant strings, made with a highly flexible, multi-strand Perlon core, provide the tonal warmth and feel of a gut string while being impervious to changes in humidity. The sound is soft, clear and rich in overtones and intonation is stable. One of the world's most popular strings! Available in medium, stark (heavy), and weich (light) tension.
13" - 16.5"
$16.00 - 104.99
Obligato Viola Strings (Pirastro)
Warm, brilliant, clear and focused sound. Powerful tonal volume, yet flawless character throughout all dynamic ranges. Synthetic core is extremely stable and resistant to changes in humidity and temperature.
15" - 16.5"
$21.36 - 114.21
Helicore Viola Strings (D'Addario)
Helicore's multi-strand, twisted steel core strings have a small string diameter, providing a quick bow response. Thanks to special manufacturing techniques, Helicore strings have a warm, clear sound with excellent pitch stability and longevity.
14", 15", 16"
$9.25 - 44.90
Larsen Viola Strings
Offers a brilliant sound. Medium only.
15" - 16.5"
$27.12 - 143.99
Red Label Viola Strings (Super-Sensitive)
Steel core. Favored by many teachers, students and pros. Excellent tonal quality, durability and dependability. Removable ball-end included
14" - 12"
$3.60 - 21.00
Vision Viola Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
Vision strings, using advanced synthetic core technology, are easy to play, settle-in in just 1-2 hours, offer unparalleled tuning stability, are more durable than most synthetic core strings and respond quickly. Vision: Clear, brilliant, and focused tone; a perfect fit for today's modern sound. Vision Heavy: Clear, open and dark tone; our warmest synthetic core string.
15" - 16.5"
$17.80 - 98.99
Prelude Viola Strings (D'Addario)
Solid steel core string that is durable and not affected by temperature and humidity changes. Prelude strings have a clear, bright sound without the shrill sound of traditional steel strings, and have a quick bow response.
Extra Short (12"), Short (13" - 14"), Medium (15" - 15.5"), Long (16" - 16.5")
$5.30 - 22.05
Jargar Viola Strings
Bright, full sound, quick response. Made in Denmark.
15" - 16.5"
$11.10 - 49.75
Zyex Viola Strings (D'Addario)
Zyex is a new generation of synthetic material. Created for stability in drastic climatic conditions, it settles in faster than any other synthetic material. Zyex strings have a warm sound and good bow response.
15", 16"
$9.15 - 47.35
Aricore Viola Strings (Pirastro)
Polyester core produces a warm, soft sound with immediate response and outstanding articulation. Ideal for demanding music; very stable in high humidity.
$13.22 - 13.22
Brilliant Viola Strings (Warchal)
As a dedicated violist, it’s hard to listen as if you’re both performing on stage and sitting thirty rows back in the audience—in a sense, you have to listen to the same note twice. WARCHAL Strings, however, wants violists to do just that and ask yourself, “How do I sound at the back of the concert hall?” WARCHAL's line of BRILLIANT strings attacks the problem of projection with a brighter sounding synthetic string. The tonal complexity and powerful projection of BRILLIANT viola strings combines to create a rich, full sound that will reach every listener.
14" - 16.5"
$10.88 - 59.58
Chorda Viola Strings (Pirastro)
Pure gut strings designed for use with Baroque and Renaissance instruments. Soft, warm sound, low tension.
15" - 16.5"
$14.24 - 17.70
Crystal Viola Strings (Corelli)
Stabilon (synthetic) core. Excellent balance and volume, easy playing, immediate response.
15" - 16.5"
$5.18 - 35.25
Eudoxa Viola Strings (Pirastro)
The world's most popular string for orchestral and chamber music. Produces a warm, soft, far-carrying sound; exceptional durability, tonal characteristics and response.
15" - 16.5"
$25.38 - 127.11
Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola Strings (Pirastro)
New from Pirastro, the Viola Evah Pirazzi GOLD set. This set is an important addition to Pirastro’s family of synthetic material viola strings. They feature a brilliant and golden tone, full-bodied and big sound, and instant response.
$23.97 - 123.66
Kaplan Viola Strings (D'Addario)
The D'Addario Kaplan A string offers a warmer, more typical viola sound. It allows a better match with warmer sounding bottom strings, while keeping plenty of power whenever needed in this higher register.
15" - 17"
$18.39 - 85.95
Kaplan Solutions Viola Strings (D'Addario)
The D'Addario Kaplan Solutions A string offers a warmer, more typical viola sound. It allows a better match with warmer sounding bottom strings, while keeping plenty of power whenever needed in this higher register.
15" - 17"
$12.00 - 12.00
Karneol Viola Strings (Warchal)
WARCHAL STRINGS establishes the ideal tension for each string and manufactures only that gauge. To put it bluntly, WARCHAL makes the right decision for you. Every time. And nowhere is this out-of-the-package optimization more evident than in their KARNEOL violin strings. KARNEOL strings are forgiving, offering maximum warmth and balance, not to mention what some players have called velvet-like overtones and bell-like resonance. If you need less projection but still want a complex, balanced sound, we highly recommend trying WARCHAL KARNEOL.
14" - 16.5"
$7.50 - 41.24
Olive Viola Strings (Pirastro)
Often referred to as "The Soloist String", gut core produces full, warm, brilliant tones.
15" - 16.5"
$26.93 - 229.76
Passione Viola Strings (Pirastro)
Passione’s sound can be big and powerful as well as gentle and tender. Passione is a modern reliable gut string for the demanding viola professional. The set is well-balanced; the response is easy on all levels of the dynamic range.
16.5" - 13"
$25.73 - 123.52
Prim Steel Viola Strings
Made in Sweden. Steel core. Bright, powerful sound.
15" - 16.5"
$9.67 - 43.05
Spirocore Viola Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
Tone is warm and balanced. Steel rope core reduces stiffness and improves elasticity. A reliable, long-lasting all-around string. All chrome steel wound on steel rope core unless otherwise noted.
15" - 16.5"
$16.45 - 85.99
Tonica Viola Strings (Pirastro)
Top synthetic string delivers big tone and rich overtones. Terrific response even at pianissimo; will not crack under heavy bow pressure.
4/4 - 1/2
$10.01 - 64.99
Vision Solo Viola Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
The Vision Solo viola strings feature a techinically advanced formulation and architecture designed to produce a blend of exceptional performance and playing characteristics. They offer a brilliant, round yet well-defined "soloistic" tone; great warmth and projection, with focus and clarity; and energetic, intense projection.
16.5" - 15"
$20.60 - 115.99