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Larsen Cello Strings
Alloy/steel unless indicated otherwise.
4/4 - 3/4
$39.08 - 98.92
Spirocore Cello Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
Flexible, multi-wire spiral core offers an expansive, warm and powerful tone. Cellists prefer the C&G strings in silver or tungsten. The S42 set for bass is one of the most popular sets for jazz musicians.
$25.75 - 217.99
Jargar Cello Strings
Bright, full sound, quick response. Made in Denmark.
$20.55 - 94.05
Helicore Cello Strings (D'Addario)
Helicore's multi-strand, twisted steel core strings have a small string diameter, providing a quick bow response. Thanks to special manufacturing techniques, Helicore strings have a warm, clear sound with excellent pitch stability and longevity.
4/4 - 1/8
$15.85 - 109.65
Red Label Cello Strings (Super-Sensitive)
Steel core. Favored by many teachers, students and pros. Excellent tonal quality, durability and dependability. Removable ball-end included
4/4 - 1/8
$8.10 - 38.20
Evah Pirazzi Cello Strings (Pirastro)
Truly outstanding with rave reviews from professionals demanding the best in power and quality. Synthetic core string with warm tonal characteristics. Offers wide dynamic range, intense and brilliant colorations, and quick response.
$29.54 - 253.52
Dominant Cello Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
Widely regarded as the 'reference standard', Dominant strings, made with a highly flexible, multi-strand Perlon core, provide the tonal warmth and feel of a gut string while being impervious to changes in humidity. The sound is soft, clear and rich in overtones and intonation is stable. One of the world's most popular strings! Available in medium, stark (heavy), and weich (light) tension.
4/4 - 1/8
$32.70 - 193.99
Prelude Cello Strings (D'Addario)
Solid steel core string that is durable and not affected by temperature and humidity changes. Prelude strings have a clear, bright sound without the shrill sound of traditional steel strings, and have a quick bow response.
4/4 - 1/8
$11.10 - 45.70
Permanent Cello Strings (Pirastro)
Pirastro Permanent strings are steel strings with classic playing characteristics. Warm, powerful sound with fantastic response and projection.
$36.31 - 264.23
Prim Steel Cello Strings
Made in Sweden. Steel core. Bright, powerful sound.
$16.96 - 84.26
Belcanto Cello Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
A new string concept for cello designed to capture the modern sound. The Belcanto set offers a bright clear and balanced tone. The Belcanto A and D strings combine well with the Spirocore Tungsten C and G strings. The specially twisted steel rope core settles in quickly and intonates extremely well. It has exceptional tuning stability. The tone is dark and warm with excellent resonance, with a wide range of tone colors. Pizzicato is open and free. Offers outstanding projection with moderate effort, and sustains better than most other arco strings. Gives a quick response to the bow, and is soft under your fingers.
$38.40 - 271.99
Belcanto Gold Cello Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
Belcanto Gold cello strings are 100% nickel free and are suitable for players who have allergic reactions to nickel. The tone is transparent, rich and warm in timbre.
$39.60 - 279.99
Brilliant Cello Strings (Warchal)
$21.86 - 137.51
Chorda Cello Strings (Pirastro)
Pure gut strings designed for use with Baroque and Renaissance instruments. Soft, warm sound, low tension.
$28.55 - 39.41
Chromcor Cello Strings (Pirastro)
Pirastro Chromcor cello strings have a steel core and chromium winding. They produce a brilliant tone, large tonal volume, easy response, and stay well in-tune.
4/4 - 1/8
$23.48 - 102.23
Crown Cello Strings (Larsen)
$23.38 - 101.73
Eudoxa Cello Strings (Pirastro)
The world's most popular string for orchestral and chamber music. Produces a warm, soft, far-carrying sound; exceptional durability, tonal characteristics and response.
$39.13 - 233.14
Evah Pirazzi Gold Cello Strings (Pirastro)
All Evah Pirazzi Gold cello strings have their own individual character while the combination creates a harmonious set. The A string has a warm and silvery sound that will satisfy soloists. The D string has charm, brilliance, and lightness, while the seamless transition to the G string allows the sound to become very grand and develop an impressive radiance. Finally the vibrant and resonant C string provides the player with a focused direct sound.
$41.81 - 277.91
Kaplan Solutions Cello Strings (D'Addario)
Aimed at the most discerning musician, the D'Addario Kaplan Solutions cello strings' construction allows heavy bow pressure, without losing sound clarity while playing pianissimio. The sound is well balanced, rich and complex throughout the set.
$23.55 - 150.70
Magnacore Cello Strings (Larsen)
A Game Changer for Cellists! New Larsen Magnacore Tungsten Cello strings perfectly complement Larsen A and D strings.
$55.52 - 133.71
Obligato Cello Strings (Pirastro)
Warm, brilliant, clear and focused sound. Powerful tonal volume, yet flawless character throughout all dynamic ranges. Synthetic core is extremely stable and resistant to changes in humidity and temperature.
$39.13 - 238.08
Olive Cello Strings (Pirastro)
Often referred to as "The Soloist String", gut core produces full, warm, brilliant tones.
$43.71 - 241.04
Overture Premium Cello Strings
Overture cello strings allow students to bring forth a smooth and balanced sound. Chrome winding over steel rope core. Free Overture Ultra A string included with each 4/4 and 3/4 set.
SETS: 4/4 -1/10
$29.99 - 29.99
Overture Ultra Cello Strings
Solid steel core with nickel winding produces strong projection and clarity with no harsh tonal edge. Great balance across all four strings.
4/4 - 3/4
$14.99 - 69.00
Passione Cello Strings (Pirastro)
Passione’s sound can be big and powerful as well as gentle and tender. Passione is a modern reliable gut string for the demanding cello professional. The set is well-balanced; the response is easy on all levels of the dynamic range.
$26.58 - 91.37
Piranito Cello Strings (Pirastro)
Perfect for beginning players; offers fine sound and playability.
4/4 - 1/8
$22.56 - 23.34
Pro Arte Cello Strings (D'Addario)
This nylon core string is resistant to humidity and temperature changes, with a moderate break-in period. Pro-Arte strings have a warm sound and a good bow response.
4/4 - 1/8
$15.44 - 77.07
Prototype A Cello Strings (Warchal)
$24.97 - 24.97
Spirit! Cello Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
Behind each string of the Spirit! String line for cello is the fundamental idea that making music should bring you joy. Made in Vienna, the advancing player and aspiring artist will discover Spirit! Strings provide them everything needed to produce a distinguished sound for every kind of music.
$119.99 - 119.99