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Helicore Bass Strings (D'Addario)
Helicore's multi-strand, twisted steel core strings have a small string diameter, providing a quick bow response. Thanks to special manufacturing techniques, Helicore strings have a warm, clear sound with excellent pitch stability and longevity.
3/4 - 1/4
$24.50 - 119.00
Red Label Bass Strings (Super-Sensitive)
Steel core. Favored by many teachers, students and pros. Excellent tonal quality, durability and dependability. Removable ball-end included
$14.50 - 71.99
Flexocor Bass Strings (Pirastro)
The Pirastro Flexocor bass strings have a typical warm orchestral tone and short sustain. They have easy response and are especially suited for arco playing. Bow pressure will need to be adapted to gauge.
$48.36 - 223.91
Obligato Bass Strings (Pirastro)
Warm, brilliant, clear and focused sound. Powerful tonal volume, yet flawless character throughout all dynamic ranges. Synthetic core is extremely stable and resistant to changes in humidity and temperature.
$45.05 - 206.00
Spirocore Bass Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
Flexible, multi-wire spiral core offers an expansive, warm and powerful tone. Cellists prefer the C&G strings in silver or tungsten. The S42 set for bass is one of the most popular sets for jazz musicians.
$51.70 - 237.99
Belcanto Bass Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
A new string concept for cello designed to capture the modern sound. The Belcanto set offers a bright clear and balanced tone. The Belcanto A and D strings combine well with the Spirocore Tungsten C and G strings. The specially twisted steel rope core settles in quickly and intonates extremely well. It has exceptional tuning stability. The tone is dark and warm with excellent resonance, with a wide range of tone colors. Pizzicato is open and free. Offers outstanding projection with moderate effort, and sustains better than most other arco strings. Gives a quick response to the bow, and is soft under your fingers.
$52.80 - 289.99
Chromcor Bass Strings (Pirastro)
Pirastro Chromcor bass strings have a steel core and chromium winding. They produce a brilliant tone, large tonal volume, easy response, and stay well in-tune.
$42.30 - 59.50
Dominant Bass Strings (Thomastik Infeld)
Dominant strings, made with a highly flexible, multi-strand Perlon core, provide the feel of a gut string while being impervious to changes in humidity. The feel is stiff and the sound is bright and they are perfect for arco and pizzicato. Bass sets also available in solo tuning.
$48.95 - 58.00
Flexocor Deluxe Bass Strings (Pirastro)
$52.66 - 238.64
Flexocor Original Bass Strings (Pirastro)
The Pirastro Flexocor Original bass strings have a powerful, warm sound. Suited for arco playing, they need high pressure bowing.
$77.13 - 107.09
Kaplan Bass Strings (D'Addario)
$36.10 - 169.00
Overture Ultra Bass Strings
Steel rope core with chrome winding makes these strings at home with classical as well as jazz players. Seamless tone and fast action.
3/4 - 1/10
$16.99 - 27.99
Passione Bass Strings (Pirastro)
$50.48 - 231.80
Permanent Bass Strings (Pirastro)
Pirastro Permanent bass strings are steel with classic playing characteristics. Warm, powerful sound with fantastic response and projection.
$44.41 - 44.41
Prelude Bass Strings (D'Addario)
Prelude strings are D'Addario's most popular brand of student bass string. Steel core, they are both durable and long lasting, and are available in 1/8 through 3/4 sizes.
3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
$14.75 - 69.99
Steel Bass Strings (Corelli)
Solo Tuning: Available in two gauges: Medium (M), and Forte extra-high tension (TX)
$16.45 - 85.23
Tungsten Bass Strings (Corelli)
Orchestra Tuning: 3/4 (full) size. Available in three gauges: Medium (M), Forte high tension (F), and Forte extra-high tension (TX)
$11.57 - 37.31