Mi Primer Libro Teoria Vol 1 by Lynette Cartagena

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Finally, a Spanish-language book that teaches the fundamentals of beginning music theory, in a handy, workbook form. Lavishly illustrated with appealing pictures, which further reinforce a child’s learning. Perfect for students and parents whose first language is Spanish. (104 pages, paperback).

Lynnette M. Cartagena is the director of ‘Kids and Musik,’ a school founded by her and her two sisters, Cynthia and Rosaly Cartagena. ‘Kids and Musik’ is the top music center in Puerto Rico specializing in teaching the Suzuki Method and Kindermusik. Lynnette began piano and violin studies at the age of 9 and today is part of the first violin section of the Orquesta Sinfonica de Puerto Rico. A graduate from the University of Puerto Rico and the Conservatorio de Musica, she is dedicated to music education and presents My First Book of Theory and Solfeggio as part of a musical education series intended for children. With fun exercises, coloring sections, word searches, full color pages and more, the student will enjoy learning about theory and solfeggio from beginning to end.


Cada día disfruto más la experiencia de trabajar con niños en la enseñanza de la música. La alegría de ver a un estudiante entender y apreciar todo lo que la música le regala es de gran satisfacción para mi. Mi primer libro de teoría y solfeo, volumen 1, está diseñado especialmente para niños a partir de los 4 anos. Acompañado de dibujos, ejercicios y práctica, estudiante aprenderá los términos básicos de la teoría y el solfeo hasta temas avanzados que necesitan conocer para su desarrollo musical. El volumen1 es parte de una serie de material educativo con ejercicios divertidos, secciones de colorear, sopa de letras, matemática musical, compositor del día, láminas a color y otros donde se disfruta el aprendizaje musical de principio a fin. Invito a los padres a realizar, estudiar y trabajar en las tareas asignados ya que son ustedes los más importantes maestros en el crecimiento de nuestros estudiantes. Los niños imitan nuestra conducta y es hermoso ver el entusiasmo de un niño que comparte con sus padres el conocimiento que va adquiriendo gracias a Mi primer libro de teoría y solfeo. En la sección final del libro se encuentra la lección Vamos a cantar. En ella se presentan ejercicios de entonación básicos que pueden intercalarse a lo largo del libro según lo desee el profesor. Espero disfruten Mi primer libro de teoría y solfeo al igual que yo. ¡Bienvenidos a esta aventura musical que acaba de comenzar!
- Lynnette Cartagena

Each day I enjoy more the experience of working with children in music education. The happiness when seeing a student understanding and appreciating all that music brings is very fulfilling. My First Theory and Solfege Book, Vol. 1 is designed especially for children 4 years old and over. With pictures, exercises and practice, the student will learn the basics of theory and solfege through the more advanced themes that they need to know for their musical development. Volume 1 is part of a series of education material with fun exercises, sections to color, word searches, musical math, composer of the day, color pages, and more, where they can enjoy learning about music from beginning to end. I also invite parents to understand, study and work on the assigned assignments, for you are already the most important teachers for our students' growth. Children imitate our behavior, and it is beautiful to see them sharing with their parents the learning experiences from My First Book of Theory and Solfege. In the final section of the book, you will find the section “Let's Sing.” There, I present basic intonation exercises that you can intersperse throughout the book at the teacher's discretion. I hope you enjoy My First Book of Theory and Solfege as much as I do. Welcome to this musical adventure that is about to begin!
- Lynette Cartagena
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    Posted By: Anonymous from SEATTLE , WA
    January 19, 2014

    Excellent Spanish intro to music theory for kids

    I have 6 year old twins who are bilingual in Spanish and English. This music book is exactly what I was looking for. It's in Spanish, and it introduces kids to basic music theory and music history n ways that are fun and effective. It has exercises that keep the kids engaged. I don't know what age range it is appropriate for--it's at a good level for my kids. I highly recommend this book. ... (See Full Review)

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