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The KOT12 features a dual display with both a VU-style meter for accurate pitch indication and an LCD screen for excellent visibility. Operation is simple, with intuitively understandable switches and dial. It tunes a wide range of pitches (A0-C8) and provides a variety of tuning methods, including a Sound Back mode that lets you check the pitch both by eye and ear. Housed in a compact package, the KOT12 orchestral tuner provides all the functionality you need for everything from transposing instruments to historical temperaments.

"I purchased the Korg Orchestral Tuner (kot12) for help with baroque tuning a few years ago. Now, I use it practically all the time when playing scales or working through a difficult passage slowly. I like the manual and sound back features best and as with all Korgs, the KOT120 is incredibly accurate and easy to use."
- Catherine Portis, Violinist & Senior Shar Apprentice

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Korg Orchestral Features:
- AAA battery power source
- Tuning Needle and LCD screen
- Tuning Range A0-C8
- Calibration 349-499Hz
- Tone Generation C2-C7
- +/-1 cent accuracy
- Input Jack
- Output Jack
- AC Adaptor Jack (ac adaptor not included)
- Backlight
- Large, easy to use dial
- Fold-out stand
- Sound Back Mode (check pitch with eyes and ears)
- Built-in mic

Product Dimensions:
2.9" W x 4.7" H x 1.4" D
Korg Orchestral Includes:
- 2 AA batteries

Please click here to purchase the Korg Clip-on Microphone that is compatible with the Korg Orchestral Tuner.
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  • Rating:
    50 Stars
    Posted By: Joe from Nazareth, PA
    December 18, 2007


    In response to the review by Tom from NY. Do not try to tune a piano with a tuner! A piano is tuned by ear and the pitches are relative to each other. This is one of the best tuners on the market nd there is no tuner that will help you tune a piano. Tom needs to hire a professional or seek some training from an expert. I suggest practicing on a junk piano because you can do a lot of damage fooling around with a piano when you don't know what you're doing. ... (See Full Review)

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  • Rating:
    30 Stars
    Posted By: Tom from Schenectady NY
    August 05, 2007

    Smaller Note Range in Practice

    This tuner is advertised by Korg as covering all the notes from A0 to C8; however, it only works on notes D2 through B6 on a piano. This restricted range probably applies to any other instrument hat can play notes in these low and high frequency ranges. Consequently, the tuner should not be advertised as covering the range of A0 through C8 when it can not cover these frequencies with real instruments as opposed to sustained electronic single-frequency generators. If you read the very fine print at the end of the specification sheet available at Korg's website, you will find that the extended range only works for a sine wave (a single pure frequency) that is sustained. Why does this tuner not work on a piano between A0-->D2 and B6-->C8. Here is what the technician at Korg wrote to me: "The KO120 does recognize a A0-C8 when provided with a steady sine wave. However, due to the instability/overtones of the piano's low register, and the short decay of the high register, the KO120 will have difficulty registering the pitches. Most piano tuners using this model will tune the middle register first, tuning the remaining keys by ear. I'm sorry to say that we don't make any models specifically designed for pianos.You'll find the same behavior to occur with other Korg tuners, e.g the LMA-120, KT40 and KO120." The only thing that I would add to his comments is that I would change the word " will have difficulty" to "absolutely can not". The tuner is confused by the various harmonics generated when a low note is struck on the piano and can not detect the high note frequencies on a piano because they don't last long enough. The low note problem could have been corrected with a simple frequency filter built into the tuner. I am surprised that the high notes on a piano are not sustained long enough for a very fast electronic instrument to measure. Aside from the restricted frequency range, the KO120 does everything else as advertised and is built well and works well. But if you are considering buying the tuner, principally for the larger frequency range, this tuner is not for you. You can do as well with a much less expensive tuner such as the Korg KT30 or Korg KT40 or a similar tuner from an alternative manufacturer. ... (See Full Review)

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