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As a classical player for over 45 years, I never thought I'd be playing jazz and rock. When a couple of my buddies asked me to sit in with their band, knowing that all I played was classical music, I knew I was in trouble. Pushing myself well beyond my comfort zone, and after some classes and improvisation sessions, I joined their band and quickly realized I needed an electric. In my role as product manager at SHAR, I've had countless opportunities to try many electric violins, but usually found them harsh and difficult to play - they just didn't seem to have been created by violinists. Collaborating with a traditional violin workshop, the SHAR Archtop Electric emerged. It sounds like a classical violin, except loud when you need it to be! It's reliable and easy to play because the setup is excellent (we do that right here at SHAR). People in the audience always tell me it sounds great. Who am I to disagree? If you're a classical player thinking about an electric violin, this fiddle will help make the transition easy.

- Val Jaskiewicz, SHAR VP of Merchandising, Violinist

A modern fiddle for modern players, the Shar Archtop Electric Violin features a Shadow pickup and built-in preamp, tone and volume controls, custom scroll, Helicore strings, Wittner tailpiece with 4 built-in fine tuners, contoured body style for lightweight construction (1.1 lbs), and a cutaway treble bout for easy access to the higher registers for all of your favorite Stephane Grappelli licks. High output electroics and a mellow tone make this the perfect jazz box for the gigging fiddler seeking a more exciting look that still pays homage to the violin tradition.
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  • Rating:
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    Posted By: Anonymous from Albuquerque, NM
    January 11, 2010

    Nice but flawed

    This is a well put together and attractive electric violin, but has a serious flaw. The "Shadow" under-bridge piezo pick-up has a ground-loop problem resulting in an annoying low frequency um, making it useless for recording. This is a problem with many low-end piezo pickups. I have seen three of these units now, and they all have the same problem--they are not properly grounded. Shar tech support ackknowledged the problem, but had no solutions other than to exchange the unit, and since they all exhibit this behavior, that is not a solution. Know that if you get this voilin, you will need technical work done to ground it, and eliminate the hum. I'm willing to do that because I otherwise like the violin. Cost of retrofitting with a better quality pickup adds $100-$300 to the cost. Perhaps posting this review will prompt Shar to pressure the Chinese manufacturer to fix. I would definitly ask before purchase if this has been addressed. If you are playing casually you may not notice or care about the hum. However it will be noticable through a better-quality amp or PA, especially at higher volumes. Too bad... I must say, the maple wood figure on the back is just gorgeous. It would be nice to see a five string version. ... (See Full Review)

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  • Rating:
    30 Stars
    Posted By: pierre Martin from los angeles
    March 15, 2009

    Mixed feelings

    Good violin, easy to play. Very good access to high notes.Beautiful finish as well. Interesting tone when mic-ed and pluged at the same time. Preamp on the noisy side, nearly impossible to get id of ground loop noise, unless using a passive DI box. It would be helpful to swap the electronics for maybe a simpler bridge Pickup. ... (See Full Review)

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