Kun Super Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 4/4 size)

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The Kun Super fits 4/4 size and is one of our most popular shoulder rests. Height adjustable from 1 1/2 to 2 by lengthening/shortening screws, and legs pivot for pitch adjustment. The Kun Super differs from the Kun Original #1313 in that it has ten fine adjustment positions which are secured by a brass screw on the right end, and two stationary leg holes for adjustment on the left end. Some prefer this design as being more streamlined than the original model.
Replacement parts for the 1313S:
To select correct Kun replacement parts - hold the shoulder rest so that the KUN logo is upright. The right parts are on the right, the left parts are on the left.
1313LS - Short leg w/screw (left side)
1313LX - Long leg w/screw (right side)
1313SE - Sliding leg bracket / endpiece
1313SI1 - Leg 1 hole insert piece (right)
1313SI2 - Leg 2 hole insert piece (left)
1314BS - Brass screw / nut
1313T- 4 rubber replacement tips for full size Kun feet.

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  • Rating:
    50 Stars
    April 18, 2011

    Very comfortable

    but I needed something a bit higher. Well made though and very secure. ?;^)

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  • Rating:
    30 Stars
    Posted By: Anonymous from Huntsville, AL
    January 06, 2010

    Not for people with long necks

    I have a fairly long neck, so this shoulder rest doesn't get quite enough. I am constantly trying to make it longer, and because of this constant wear and tear on the screw hole, it gets striped retty easily. It is great if you don't have a long neck. ... (See Full Review)

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