Comford Gold Viola Shoulder Cradle - Tall

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Based on the human shoulder structure and theories of biomechanics, this innovative shoulder rest is ergonomically designed for both comfort and stability. It features an extremely comfortable foam pad and four rubber coated feet which securely fasten the rest to the body of your instrument. Players don't have to worry about this rest falling off during performances, lessons, or rehearsals! Since the feet are well protected with a thick rubber coating, players won't have to worry about varnish damage either.

Please note - the body of the viola rest says violin shoulder cradle . If you receive your Comford in a purple box, you have received the viola shoulder cradle.

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3 Stars
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    Posted By: Doyle from Chicago, IL
    August 14, 2007

    Like an acoustic amplifier!

    Anyone who has ever used a Play-On-Air knows that shoulder rests can dramatically affect the sound of your instrument. While the Play-On-Air produced a muffled effect on my viola's overall quality f sound, this Comford Cradle had the opposite effect. My understanding is that this item is hollow, and on my instrument, this acts as an extra resonating cavity. Sound quality and projection are improved equally and noticeably. Also, the four-rubber-foot design is extremely stable and is less likely to slip than a Wolf/Kun-type shoulder rest. The reason I'm giving it three stars is that I cannot find a comfortable position for it on my shoulder. It is angled almost at 45 degrees, which cuts into my collar bone and shoulder, and despite the wonderful effect it has on my viola, I can't play with it on for more than a half an hour. If this Comford Cradle fits your frame, however, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. ... (See Full Review)

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