Nilton Magic Stand and Carrying Bag

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The Nilton Magic features an ingenious desk design made of impact-resistant ABS plastic with an extra accessory shelf into which the stand base fits perfectly, and weighs less than 3.5 lbs. Desk hinges allow the desk to fold in half and can then be secured with two clips for amazingly compact storage. Add the nicely padded Nilton Magic Stand Bag and you've got one incredibly lightweight, compact, and very professional looking, functional stand for the musician on the go! Lip depth is 1  ½".

"No tipping... great writing surface... easy carrying... my choice for 20 years!
- Charles Avsharian, Shar CEO

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    Posted By: Karen from Montreal, Qc
    September 15, 2007

    Almost perfect

    I have owned this stand for at least 6+ yrs. It's a great portable stand for weight and easy setup. The tripod is also very sturdy and withstands outdoor playing (wind, uneven terrain). Great dded convenience is the storage shelf once setup (pencils glasses, even a water bottle!)The biggest drawback is that the stand cannot support average-weight gig books (3-ring binder full) without it slipping down. The telescopic poles have 2 latches. What I have done is to only pull up one of the poles (when seated). This will help reduce your stand slipping lower at 2 levels. Also, I have taken a thick rubber band and wrapped it around the pole so that there is resistance when the pole begins to slip.It will stop and maintain its height where you have placed the rubber band (you may want to mark the desired height with a permanent marker for future reference).However,it requires you sliding the rubber band back up to the main stand connector in order to 'shrink' the pole back into its storing compartment. The mini Bright light sold in all colors at Shar works well.The standard metal gig light with the metal clasp DOES NOT. The lip on the stand is too thick. Despite its weaknesses, it's well worth buying if you do alot of gigging and want to keep your load light. ... (See Full Review)

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