Dutch Auction on Blemished and Pre-owned Instruments Dutch Auction: October 9 - 29, 2013
Blemished and Pre-Owned Instruments

Your chance to SAVE up to 60% off the price of a regular instrument.
Over 100 instrument models and sizes, for all levels of Students.
Auction prices as low as $55 for Violins!
Quantities are limited - many have only 1 available. The first bidder wins, and sorry no backorders!

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What is a Dutch Auction?
It's a backwards auction, where the price goes down each week!
At the start of the Auction, we post all the instruments available and what their price will be each week. Each Wednesday morning the prices of all instruments that have not been sold yet will go down by the amount shown on the table below.

Who wins the auction?
The first person to bid (buy) the instrument wins. If we have only one, no one else can win it. If we have
more than one, other people will have the chance to bid (buy) them, until none are left.

When do the prices change?
Our starting discounted prices will be posted Wednesday, October 9, the first day of the Auction.
Prices will drop to the next level about 10am Eastern time on Wednesday, October 16, and to the final discount level on Wednesday, October 23. The Auction ends about 9pm Eastern on Tuesday, October 29. Quantities are limited, so the longer you wait, the more you can save...but someone else may grab these great bargains if you wait too long! No backorders accepted.

What are the guarantees?
All instruments have the full SHAR 30/365 Guarantee.

How many instruments do you have?
We have over 100 models and sizes, but in many cases there is only 1 of a given model or size.
We cannot take backorders for any instrument. The first bidder wins.

What is included with the instrument?
This auction is for violins, violas and cellos ONLY. No cases or bows are included, so don’t forget to order them if you need them!

Can I try these with the In-Home Trial program?
Sorry, at these prices there are no Trials, but you can return for any reason within 30 days.

Can I use Trade-In or Rental credit for these instruments?
Sorry, at these highly discounted prices these instruments are available for purchase only, without the use of any credits, except SHAR gift certificates.

Can I combine any other discounts or offers with these instruments?
Sorry, at these highly discounted prices you may not combine the sale price with any other offer or discount.

What do all the different levels mean?
All instruments are fully playable, and fully guaranteed, but will have different amounts of wear, blemishes or minor functional problems.
Due to the hand crafted nature of these, each instrument and bow is unique, even within a group.

Blemished - New instruments with some cosmetic damage. You will usually see this in a few weeks or months of normal playing anyway.
Previously-Owned Slight Wear/Trade-In A - Previously played instruments that will show minor blemishes and wear.
Previously-Owned Moderate Wear/Trade-In B - Previously played instruments that show more blemishes and wear, may include scratches, dings, dents.

What are the discounts?

  Blemished, Previously Owned Slight Wear (A grade) or Trade-in from SHAR Violin Shop, Plug 'n Play  Franz Hoffmann
Previously Owned Moderate Wear
(B grade)
Dutch Auction Price
October 9-15 30% off 40% off
October 16-22 40% off 50% off
October 23-29 50% off 60% off

What is available and what will the prices be?
Scroll down to see what is available.

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Blemished Franz Hoffmann® Concert Viola - Instrument Only - 13 inch

Item # BSH500V 13
Blemished Franz Hoffmann® Concert Viola - Instrument Only - 13 inch

In Stock

Sale: $258.00 SHAR: $369.00

Blemished Franz Hoffmann® Etude Viola - Instrument Only - 13 inch

Item # BSA12513
Blemished Franz Hoffmann® Etude Viola - Instrument Only - 13 inch

In Stock

Sale: $160.00 SHAR: $229.00

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