SHAR String Dutch Auction
String Dutch Auction
for Closeout Strings

Prices start at 40% off!

Your chance to save up to 80% off the price of strings!

Limited quantities and of course the first bidder wins!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dutch auction?
It's a backwards auction where the prices go down each week! At the start of the auction, we post all the strings available and what their price will be each week. At the start of each week the prices of all strings that have not been sold yet will go down.

Who wins the auction?
The first person to bid (buy) the string wins. If we have only one, no one else can win it. If we have more than one, other people will have the chance to bid (buy) them, until none are left.

When do the prices change?

Prices are discounted 40% off our normal prices on November 7th, the first day of the auction. Prices drop about 10am Eastern time on Wednesday November 14th and again on Wednesday November 21st. The auction ends about 9pm Eastern time on Tuesday November 27th. Quantities are limited, so the longer you wait, the more you can save... but someone else may grab these great bargains if you wait too long! No backorders accepted.

Do these strings come with a guarantee?
All strings can be returned to us within 30 days for a full refund, unless they have been installed, in which case they are not returnable as we cannot sell used strings to anyone else.

How many strings do you have?
We have a wide selection, but in many cases there is only one of a given size or style. We cannot take backorders. The first bidder wins. Any out-of-stock item on your order will be automatically canceled.

How heavily discounted are these strings?
40% off during week 1
60% off during week 2
80% off during week 3

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Red Label Viola G String 15-165 Soft

Item # 305G44SFA
Red Label Viola G String 15-165 Soft

In Stock


Red Label Viola C String 15-165 Orchestra

Item # 306C44OA
Red Label Viola C String 15-165 Orchestra

In Stock


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