Nilton Studio Music Stand - Made in Sweden

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Nilton Stands are the best gig & studio stands we've found! The Nilton Studio stand weighs less than 3 1/2 pounds, and now features an elegant black, wood-grained veneer desk that is as sturdy as it is easy to write on. Desk is separate from the base, and attaches securely and easily.

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  • Rating:
    10 Stars
    December 10, 2012

    VERY disappointed!

    Very disappointed with this stand. The shelf is wobbly, the base was especially wobbly and parts of it are made out of very cheap plastic. Not 5 minutes after setting it up, I had stopped he stand from falling over (had a light-medium weight gig binder on it).-- A plastic piece in the tripod base broke. Even at 1/2 price this stand is no deal. There are far better stands out there for far less. Shar would not accept a return on this, but did send out a new base. I'm very unsatisfied. Looks like I'm stuck with a crappy stand. P.S. I really don't understand where all these good reviews come from..? Perhaps the stand used to be made from better materials? Needless to say, I would highly recommend steering clear of this one. ... (See Full Review)

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  • Rating:
    40 Stars
    Posted By: Densi from Oklahoma City, OK
    January 04, 2009

    A minus

    Ive had my Nilton stand over 17 years..This is a terrific music stand that stands up to the 3-5 lb gig books we use for our string quartets & trios, (the wire stands cannot). My only omplaint, which gives it my rating of A-, is that the top clasp does not hold under the weight of these books (it will hold the extension with regular music). No problems with the lower clasp or the feet clasp. The stand itself is very light weight & packs/unpacks easily. The desk allows me to place 3 pages side by side with only a couple inches hanging out over the edges. Plus I can make markings in my music with the solid surface. I really like the tilt feature of the desk. One can also adjust the feet to really wide position for more stability in windy conditions. The 2 loop carrying case is still in new condition, in spite of over 17 years of abuse. I would recommend this stand to anyone. ... (See Full Review)

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