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Pascale, Susan A. - The Pascale Method for Beginning Violin - Book/DVD - Sticker Set - 2nd Edition - Westcott Press

Item# PM102


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  • Instrumentation: Violin
  • Composer: Pascale
  • Publisher: Westcott
The Pascale Method for Beginning Violin is a revolutionary engaging and highly effective way to teach children as young as 4 years old. The delightfully illustrated 12-lesson workbook teaches Galamian style violin techniques. Children master seemingly difficult skills quickly and easily, including reading music. The workbook includes a DVD, in which exercises are demonstrated by actual students of Susan Pascale. This program is perfect for music educators who want to build a strings program, school-based or private; teachers, beginning or experienced; and beginning violin students of any age.

Pascale, Susan - Practicing Is for the Birds - The Ultimate Practice Organizer with Reward Stickers - Alfred

Item# 7010 129


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  • Composer: Pascale
  • Publisher: Alfred
Teachers, music students, and parents of youngsters studying a musical instrument will love the time-saving layout---it helps students organize their practice time more efficiently at home. Each journal contains a year's worth of weekly practice pages and delightfully illustrated reward stickers. The 9 x12 size and brightly colored cover helps insure it won't get lost between other books. It becomes an easily referenced keepsake journal complete with personal notes from their teacher.

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