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Fuchs, Cari - Irish Session Tune Book - All Instruments* - Mel Bay Publications

Item# 0300 042

Shar: $17.95Sale: $16.16

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  • Instrumentation: Violin
  • Composer: Fuchs
  • Publisher: Mel Bay
This compilation brings together 300 traditional Irish tunes, including jigs, reels, hornpipes, and more. Tunes are clearly formatted and arranged in alphabetical order, making it a great resource for seasoned session players as well as players who are new to Irish folk music. Please note that only the melodies are given in this collection; there are no chord symbols or other harmonic materials. Not just for violin, these tunes are playable by any melodic instrument (though a knowledge of treble clef is important). Compiled by Cari Fuchs. Published by Mel Bay Publications. Difficulty: A2/A3

Fuchs, Lillian - 15 Characteristic Studies - Viola solo - Oxford University Press

Item# 2081 018

Shar: $18.95Sale: $17.06

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  • Instrumentation: Viola
  • Composer: Fuchs
"Violist Lillian Fuchs was one of the most gifted performers and composers for Viola in the world until her death in 1995. She was born into a musically gifted family whose descendants have continued to pursue musical careers. She was an active pedagogue as well as performer, teaching at the Aspen Music Festival as well as holding teaching positions at the Julliard School of Music and the Manhattan School of Music. Her teaching style influenced some of the worlds foremost violists and viola pedagogues.

The Fifteen Characteristic Studies are progressive works which serve a dual purpose: they contain educational technical emphasis while still acting as performance material. The Studies focus on bowings, string crossings, approaching chords, clef reading, and rhythmic dexterity without neglecting the importance of musicianship. These studies are personal favorite of mine because they provide an excellent alternative to tedious technical etudes."

- Mark Johnson, Violist & Shar Apprentice

Fuchs, Lillian - 16 Fantasy Etudes - Viola solo - International Edition

Item# 2016 011

Shar: $14.75Sale: $13.28

In Stock

  • Instrumentation: Viola
  • Composer: Fuchs
  • Publisher: International

Fuchs-Twelve Duets, Op. 60, Violin and Viola

Item# 5047 162

Shar: $34.50Sale: $31.05

In Stock

  • Composer: Fuchs

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