SHAR Way: Better than Renting!
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SHAR Way: Better than Renting!
Kyra, age 5 from Tennessee
Kyra, age 5 from Tennessee
"After looking at other options, I decided to try SHAR. I received my daughter's new violin quickly, and it has such a great sound! She gets up early every morning to practice. I tell everybody about SHAR's great instruments and customer service." - Teresa G, Tennessee
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Comparing a local shop rental to a SHAR Way instrument?
Be informed and ask these questions before making your selection.
Am I getting a new instrument and why is that important?
Yes, All SHAR Way instruments are brand new and correctly setup. Your bow and case are also brand new. Don't let a used instrument detract from your child's excitement. A brand new instrument outfits gives SHAR Way customers a step up on classmates who may have to settle for used or reconditioned instruments locally.

What will I really pay?
With the SHAR Way you pay only the monthly payment, no extra fees. General maintenance is included in your monthly SHAR Way price.

Am I renting forever?
It's your choice, 1 month, 2 months, never more than the SHARWay term (see terms and conditions). If you pay the full term, you owe nothing further and the instrument is yours to keep - that's our SHAR Way promise to you.
What are my options when I'm ready for a more advanced instrument?
When you're ready for a more advanced instrument, don't be trapped into paying for an overpriced instrument for the 'privilege' of using your hard earned rental credits. Ask the local shop what their advanced instrument selection and costs are and then take a look at our website or catalog - you will be amazed at the difference. With the SHAR Way you build equity with each monthly payment. When you are ready for a more advanced instrument, use your equity on one of our more than 50 models of instruments for all levels of players, all at a fair price. That's SHAR's HUGE advantage!

Is there a penalty for returning my instrument?
No, absolutely not. The SHAR Way allows you to return your instrument at any time and for any reason. No extra charges, no restocking fees and no early termination penalty. You can even try our outfits for 30 days and if not completely satisfied, return for a full refund.
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"Being from Alaska, I do a lot of mail order business. I have no hesitation ordering from Shar. My shipments are always prompt and well packed!" - Kenneth F, Alaska
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