Mark O'Connor Concert in Raleigh, NC
Multi Grammy-Winning Violinist Mark O'Connor performance with Powell Gifted and Talented Magnet Elementary School Orchestra (Tara Culbreth, director)
On Wednesday, December 7th at 7:00 PM, legendary New York City-based violinist/fiddler, composer, and multi-Grammy winning recording artist Mark O’Connor will join the Powell Gifted and Talented Magnet Elementary School Orchestras, led by Orchestra Director Tara Culbreth, for “An American Festival” concert. Sponsored by internationally famous violin company, SHAR Music, and Mr. O’Connor, the concert will be held at the Powell Gifted and Talented Magnet Elementary School, located at 1130 Marlborough Rd. in Raleigh. The program will feature favorite tunes from the popular new O’Connor Orchestra Method, in addition to solo works played by Mr. O’Connor. The public is invited to attend this major event. (Free Admission).

When music educator Tara Culbreth discovered that her school had a chance to win a performance with Mr. O’Connor, valued at tens of thousands of dollars, she immediately envisioned the positive effect that such a concert would have on her students and her school. Encouraging her students’ involvement in writing essays to be submitted to SHAR Music, Ms. Culbreth says she was ecstatic when the winners were announced, and that Powell Elementary School emerged as one of the four national winners, out of the hundreds of schools that entered. The other winning schools are in Florida, Michigan and Texas.

Currently in the fourth decade of a remarkable career, O’Connor has witnessed countless “Aha” moments on the faces of the young participants at his popular nationwide fiddle camps, discovering the pleasures of learning to play familiar songs, performing with others and expressing themselves through improvisation. With an emphasis on improvisation and collaborative engagement, unique among teaching methods, the O’Connor Method aims to put creativity at the center of teaching music. Using familiar American tunes, with their roots in African, Latino, as well as European music, the goal is to equip the 21st Century Musician with the skills and motivation required to succeed and, more importantly, to contribute to America’s rich and broad musical heritage.

Today, the O’Connor Method, although still less than two years in print, has been embraced by countless violin teachers, a testament to its efficacy. “Creative training is essential . . . and getting kids to fall in love with playing music” is the mantra behind the method, says Mr. O’Connor.