The Vault Collection
The Vault Collection
Danae Witter, Violin Shop Director The SHAR collection of fine and rare instruments has provided many players with excellent examples of older instruments for many years. Our award winning restoration staff has been hard at work restoring many more examples, now available for you to test play in your search for the right instrument in your musical development. Many of these instruments are surprisingly affordable, and all are available for in-home trials.

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Danae Witter
SHAR Violin Shop Director

The SHAR Vault
History & Construction
No tour of SHAR is complete without seeing "The Vault". Constructed for experimental laser research within the existing structure in the 1960's, The Vault is 2,000 total sq ft with an interior space of approximately 750 sq ft. The Vault's purpose was to protect the surrounding area from a catastrophic explosion that was feared possible as a result of the powerful laser beaming from one end of the building into the "Optical Chamber" which we now call The Vault. The walls and ceiling are constructed of re-enforced concrete that is six feet thick all around and set atop a hardened concrete base that is a foot tall and ten feet deep. The original "door", a massive six-foot tall plug on rails, has long ago been replaced with a steel door. Aside from being the safest and most secure area of the building, The Vault is also the most stable environment making it ideal for SHAR's collection of old and rare instruments. Vault Diagrams
Giorgio Grisales Violin space Nicolas Claude violn space Moinel-Cherpitel
Giorgio Grisales
Cremona, 2009
Nicolas Claude
Lutherie Artistique
Mirecourt, c.1910
Fecit Paris, 1929
Grisales instruments are now well-known and appreciated worldwide and boast a large market and demand from Japan to the United States as well as in Europe. His mastery follows the design and tonal characteristics of Ferdinando Garimberti and Giuseppe Ornati. This instrument is an excellent example of a French workshop violin. Its construction consists of a beautiful maple back, spruce top and rosewood fittings. The violin has a natural antiquing that only a century of playing can provide and will be a great companion to the intermediate to advanced player. This French violin, c.1929, is from a maker known for his fine workmanship and original design. The beautiful one piece maple back is highlighted by a reddish brown varnish over a golden ground. This violin is sure to impress the soloist and orchestral player alike.
More current examples from the Vault Collection:
Ernst Heinrich Roth, Bubenreuth, 1974, Strad Model, $1,500
Victor Squier, Battle Creek, MI, 1895, Strad Model, $4,000
Mirecourt, France, c.1920, $2,600
J.T.L. (France) labeled Nicholas Bertholini, c.1920, $1,800
Honore Derazey, Mirecourt, c.1860, $18,000
Ming Jiang Zhu, authentic original, (Gold Medalist), 2007, $13,500
Mario Gadda, Mantua, 1983, original, $16,500
Mirecourt, France, c.1920, refined 7/8 size, $4,500
Leon Bernardel, Paris, 1901, original, $13,500
Moinel Cherpitel, Paris, 1929, original, $11,500
Collin-Mezin original, best period 1894, France, $15,000
Derazey school violin, c.1880, Mirecourt, $9,500

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