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Save on Blemished, Trade-In, and Previously Owned Instruments
All clearance instruments are fully playable. In fact, we stand behind them with SHAR's 30/365 guarantee. Since stock is limited and unpredictable, we cannot take backorders on out-of-stock clearance instruments. Click on the violin, viola, or cello below to find a great deal on a clearance instrument!

About Our Blemished, Trade-In, and Previously Owned Instruments

Blemished instruments have manufacturing defects such as varnish scuffs, discoloration, or slight warping.

Trade-In instruments are advanced instruments that have been previously played. These violins will show minor wear. For information about a specific instrument at this level, please call a Violin Shop representative at 866.742.7270.

Previously Owned instruments have been previously played and are available in two conditions: Previously Owned - Slight Wear and Previously Owned - Moderate Wear.

Previously Owned - Slight Wear instruments show a few minor blemishes.

Previously Owned - Moderate Wear instruments show more blemishes and scrapes.

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