Trapped by Rental Equity? Switch to SHAR!
Trapped by Rental Equity? Feel you are being forced to buy an overpriced instrument? Switch to SHAR! Until May 31st, we will accept ALL competitors rental credit! Call us today to get a fairly priced instrument from the String Specialists!  800.248.7427
Credit may be used for up to 50% of the regular retail price of any violin, viola or cello that we sell except Fine and Rare Instruments.

We will honor up to $1,000 in rental credit towards the purchase of a like instrument (violin credit towards a violin, viola towards a viola, or cello towards a cello). Credit may also be used towards purchase of Franz Hoffmann outfits, but cannot be used on the purchase of separate bows, cases or other accessories.

The Free Bow offer for SHAR Violin Shop instruments does not apply if using competitor's rental credit.

You will need to fax (800.997.8723) or email (sharserv@sharmusic.com) us a copy of your current contract or equity statement for a violin, viola or cello rental, so that the amount of your credit can be calculated. Credit from multiple contracts may not be combined.

Valid only within the United States. Shipping charges may apply outside the 48 contiguous states.

Quantities of instruments available for the offer are limited, and SHAR reserves the right to end the offer early or exclude certain instruments at any time.