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Cradle with KorfkerRest

Item# KRC1000


In Stock

Due to the high demand for these shoulder rests, Pirastro is experiencing production delays. Reserve yours today – delivery is not expected before March 2015.

Revolutionary attachment system provides truly customized shoulder rest positioning.

A step beyond the Korfker Rest, the unique attachment system anchors at the bouts to minimize sound dampening, while ensuring precise and secure positioning of your Korfker shoulder rest. Includes all the benefits of the KorfkerRest, including precision personal adjustment, with a revolutionary anchoring system. Gives you outstanding response and projection, maximum freedom in positioning and security in attaching. Can also be adjusted to very low positions, ideal for many players. Note that the KorfkerRest included with the Korfker Cradle has attachments designed to work only with the Cradle, and the two rests are not interchangeable.


Item# KR1000


Out of Stock

Extraordinary light weight and the ultimate in sound and comfort.

This is not only the lightest shoulder rest that we've found, but it can be uniquely customized to the shape of your shoulder! Handmade in Germany of flexible maple tonewood, it allows for extensive and very precise personal adjustment of position, height and tilt. You first shape it to your exact needs, and then when it's the perfect fit for you, an easy hardening process sets it permanently into shape. The beautiful open design, using the minimum amount of rubber, both complements the beauty of your instrument, and brings out a much wider dynamic range.

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