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Soundpost Setter Tool - S Shaped - for Cello

Item# 1392


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This is a traditional luthier's tool for setting soundposts in a cello. Made of stainless steel, it is shaped to allow for insertion into all sizes of cellos to place and adjust the soundpost. A smooth black rubber grip protects the instrument's wood and varnish while in use.

Note: this tool requires proper training to use correctly and safely.

First Lessons Mandolin - by Dix Bruce - Online Audio & Video - Mel Bay Publication

Item# M010 142

Shar: $16.99Sale: $15.29

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Guarneri Violin Chinrest Boxwood w/ Black Clamp

Item# 1127BB


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Zakhar Bron Master Class Beethoven Romanze F Op 50

Item# ZB8 DVD

Shar: $39.99Sale: $38.99

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Making Music And Having A Blast

Item# H312P

Shar: $24.95Sale: $14.99

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SHAR Cello Case Backpack System with Cushion

Item# 1443X


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If you often carry your cello case on your back, or would like to, the SHAR Cello Case Backpack System is the best way to do it. It’s strong, safe, and easy to use – simply fasten onto the D-rings on your case, adjust the length to your liking and off you go. No drilling or modification of your cello case shell is required! Best of all, your comfort level will skyrocket because the system uses professional-grade neoprene cushioning to make your cello case feel much lighter. And added feature is the back cushion, which connects separately – not only does it add even more comfort, but it offers compartments where you may stow sheet music and small accessories. NOTE: The SHAR Cello Case Backpack System works ONLY with cello cases that have a single top D-ring, or side-by-side top D-rings. It will not work with cello cases that have two separate D-rings at the top.

Finissima Violin Mute

Item# 1320U

Shar: $10.99Sale: $8.99

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Shade, Terry - Woolstenhulme, Jeremy - With Wendy Barden - String Basics - Viola - Book 1 - Neil A. Kjos

Item# 7111 219

Shar: $9.95Sale: $8.96

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Click here to learn more about the Apprentice and ASTA Sheet Music Difficulty Ratings.

Shade/Woolstenhulme/Barden-String Basics Teacher's

Item# 7111 919

Shar: $69.99Sale: $62.99

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Stuckert - Celtic Fiddling Made Easy Online Audio

Item# 0112 142


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Shade/Woolstenhulme/Barden-String Basics Va Book 2

Item# 7112 219

Shar: $8.99Sale: $8.09

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Fischer-The Violin Lesson C.F. Peters

Item# 0338 006

Shar: $57.75Sale: $51.98

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197 Items

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