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Corelli Alliance Vivace Violin Set - Medium Gauge

Item# C800S M

List: $103.83Shar: $49.77

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Corelli Alliance Violin String Set, 4/4 size, Medium gaugeDesigned for the advanced to professional player, and are the result of over 3 years of careful development by string-making engineers, and two years of testing by professional musicians. The Alliance Vivace offers a rich, focused and clean sound from high to low position, playing very easily with fast and accurate response under both high and low pressure. The high-tech composite core material offers a classic sound and strong projection. Players familiar with Corelli Alliance will notice a more powerful sound, similar to that of Obligato, Evah Pirazzi and Dominant, with the warm, rich tone of gut stringslike Olive and Eudoxa.

** Note, the Alliance Vivace is replacing the standard Alliance, which will no longer be manufactured.

Corelli Alliance Vivace Violin Set - Medium Gauge - Ball End E

Item# C800S B M

List: $103.83Shar: $49.77

In Stock

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