Introducing SHAR Market Price Alerts!
Introducing SHAR Market Price Alerts,
your invitation to savings and competitive market prices!
You've expected the best prices, quality and service from SHAR and we've delivered. Now, in our tradition of "Breaking the Rules. Saving you Money. Again.", we are introducing a new service - weekly Market Price Alerts.

Each week, we will check our competition to be sure that our prices are up to date against competitive market prices. Items that have been dropped in price will appear below.

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Market Price Alert
Market Prices will be changed weekly or more often as needed. Prices will be based on the product price of the identical new, in-stock item, not including shipping. We reserve the right to not include sellers whom we do not consider credible because of their quality of merchandise, service policies or for other reasons. Market prices may change at any time, and can go up as well, so please don't delay in placing your order. All special offers and discounts CAN be used with these market prices.

This Week's Market Price Alerts!
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Red Label Violin A string 1/16 Size

Item # 300A 116
Red Label Violin A string 1/16 Size

multiple sizes available

List: $8.54
Sale: $3.48 SHAR: $3.99

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