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Kaplan Cello A String - 4/4 size - Medium Gauge

Item# K800A 44 M

List: $58.00Shar: $27.35

In Stock

Aimed at the most discerning musician, its construction allows heavy bow pressure, without losing sound clarity while playing pianissimo. The sound is well-balanced, rich and complex throughout the set.

Jargar Cello A String - 4/4 size

Item# 143A

List: $61.45Shar: $20.89

In Stock

Jargar Cello A string, Chromesteel wound on steel core

Helicore Cello A String

Item# 771A

Starting From: $16.30

In Stock

D'Addario Helicore Cello A String

Jargar Special Cello A String - 4/4 size

Item# 143AS

List: $81.70Shar: $28.44

In Stock

Jargar Superior Cello A String

Item# 143AU

List: $92.15Shar: $32.40

In Stock

The Superior Cello A string offers outstanding performance, rounding out the family of Jargar Cello A strings (143A Chromium Steel and 143AS Special).

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