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Jargar Viola String Set - Medium Gauge

Item# 137S M

List: $148.77Shar: $50.84Sale: $45.00

In Stock

Jargar Viola String Set, Standard 4/4 size, Medium gauge, Chromesteel wound on steel core

Pirastro Eudoxa Viola String Set

Item# 213S

List: $270.45Shar: $127.11

In Stock

Pirastro Eudoxa Viola String Set, Standard 4/4 size

Thomastik Infeld Spirocore Viola String Set - Full Size - Weich Gauge

Item# S23S W

List: $143.99Shar: $78.99

Out of Stock

Hi-tech spiral steel core strings. This core has a greater elasticity than conventional strings, which means less inertia and a longer period of musical vibration. The sound is full and homogoneous, balanced and voluminous. Equally effective playing arco or pizzicato. Spirocore's hi-tech core makes for effortless fingering, responsive bowing, stable tuning and a very long string life.

Thomastik Spirocore Viola String Set, 4/4 size, Weich gauge, Chromesteel wound on steel core

Kun Bravo Viola Shoulder Rest (fits 15" - 17" size)

Item# 1314W

Shar: $64.95Sale: $63.95

In Stock

Bent hardwood laminates maintain Kun's elegant and instantly recognizable shape, while providing strength and some flexibility. The result is an ergonomic shoulder rest that slides on easily and sits securely in place on your instrument. Polished brass ends incorporate Kun's patented-locking device so you can position your Bravo exactly where you need it. Height adjustable from 1 1/2 -2 with swiveling legs. Lower bout adjusts from 9 -10.5 . Shoulder rest comes assembled and comes with a beautiful velvet bag for storage.

It's the sound improvement that makes the Bravo so attractive. Since I have used the Bravo, my violin sounds much more brilliant . . . I had one of my colleagues try it and she was so amazed she immediately bought a Bravo. Her Bernardel now sounds twice as brilliant as before. -Marc Philipps, Metz France

Thomastik Infeld Vision Solo Viola String Set - Full Size - Medium Gauge

Item# VP300S44M

List: $189.99Shar: $105.99

In Stock

Pirastro Passione Viola String Set Medium

Item# 290S M

List: $262.80Shar: $123.52

In Stock

This wound gut core string has a very short playing-in time and substantial increase in tuning stability. It has well-balanced set harmony, easy response on all levels of the dynamic range and easier right hand articulation and tone attack. Provides the bewitching beauty of gut string sound, a fascinating diversity of sounds, complex overtone spectrum producing brilliance and clarity and a great power of projection. The sound can be big and powerful as well as gentle and tender. 

A: Aluminum wound on a steel core
D: Silver wound on a gut core
G: Silver wound on a gut core
C: Tungsten-silver wound on a gut core 

AcoustaGrip Concert Master Shoulder Rest - for Violin or Viola - fits 4/4-1/2 Violin or Med/Large Viola - Thick

Item# AG CT

Shar: $26.95Sale: $17.52

In Stock

Finally, comfort AND performance in a shoulder rest.

Every violinist or violist has a pre-performance ritual: you clamp on your shoulder rest, tune your instrument, and play a few scales to warm up. Then you visualize the perfect concert. Your tone is clear and your projection powerful.

However, not all performances go as well as you imagine. Perhaps you miss a few notes or your projection isn't where it should be. Halfway through the performance, your neck begins to ache. The designers at AcoustaGrip want to change this cycle and allow violinists and violists to perform with confidence -- every time. Using simple but brilliant advances in design, the AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest attaches securely underneath your instrument and adjusts to the shape of your shoulder, increasing volume and overtones by up to 20%. Here's how it works: 

- Microgrip Technology: Violinists and violists stay away from adhesive shoulder rests because glue of any kind could damage the instrument's varnish. The AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest is different. Using hundreds of tiny Microgrip suction cups, the AcoustaGrip anchors itself to your instrument using nothing but air and its revolutionary surface.

- Responsive Comfort: Even contoured shoulder rests will restrict your range of motion. What's more, you adjust to the contour of the shoulder rest, not the other way around. AcoustaGrip's responsive, layered foam forms to the shape of your shoulder, allowing greater range of motion and serious comfort.

- No Clamps Means Fuller Sound: The sound post, base bar, and blocking of your instrument magnify and direct the sounds made by drawing your bow across the strings. When you hook rubber clamps to your violin or viola's blocking, you inevitably dampen your instrument's projection. That's why the AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest attaches securely to the base of the instrument, avoiding the instrument's major acoustic components.

The violin and viola were originally designed to be held between the shoulder and the chin, not by their edges. Now, with the AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest, you can play your instrument the way it was intended!

Jargar Viola D String

Item# 134D

Starting From: $11.50

In Stock

Jargar Viola D String Chromesteel wound on steel core

Jargar Viola G String

Item# 135G

List: $38.17Shar: $12.50

In Stock

Jargar Viola G String Chromesteel wound on steel core

Jargar Viola C String

Item# 136C

Starting From: $14.20

In Stock

Jargar Viola C String Chromesteel wound on steel core

Jargar Viola A String - Loop End

Item# 133AL


In Stock

D'Addario Prelude Viola A String

Item# 586A

Starting From: $5.50

In Stock

Aluminum wound over steel core.

22 Items

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