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Kun Mini Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 1/16 - 1/4 size)

Item# 1313 M C

Shar: $20.95Sale: $20.50

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The Kun Mini Collapsible fits 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, and 1/16 violins. Feet/legs collapse flat against rest for easy storage in most student shaped cases. Four width adjustments at each end, legs are height adjustable by lengthening or shortening the screws.

This rest is also available in red, green, blue or yellow! Please enter:
1313MCRED for red
1313MCBLU for blue
1313MCGRN for green
1313MCYLW for yellow.

Replacement parts for the 1313MC:
To select correct Kun replacement parts - hold the shoulder rest so that the KUN logo is upright. The right parts are on the right, the left parts are on the left.
1313CMLS - Long leg w/screw (right side)
1313CMR - Right Leg Bracket / endpiece
1313CMSS - Short leg w/screw (left side)
1313CML - Left leg bracket / endpiece
1313MS - Plastic nut / screw
1313TM - 4 rubber tips for fractional Kun rests

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