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Millant Stradivari Rosin in Violin-Shaped Box

Item# GR1

Shar: $20.00Sale: $18.95

In Stock

Fine rosin in lovely wood violin-shaped presentation box. Medium-light, for most playing conditions. Perfect for gift giving, or for yourself! Made in France

Rockin Rosin Zombie

Item# RR20


In Stock

Rockin' Rosin
Select from ten different rosins in a variety of shapes. All are wrapped in colorful cloths. Made in the U.S.A. by violinists! 

Super Sensitive Clarity Spectrum Rosin - Blue

Item# 1179S

Shar: $11.49Sale: $11.25

In Stock

Hypo allergenic rosin for violin and viola. Made from a synthetic resin compound, containing no pine rosin. In blue, green, pink, purple and red.

Corelli Crystal Violin E String

Item# C701E

List: $3.37Shar: $1.75

In Stock

Corelli Crystal Violin E string. Steel.

Corelli Crystal Violin A String

Item# C702A

List: $12.32Shar: $6.17

In Stock

Corelli Crystal Violin A string, Aluminum wound on stabilon core

Corelli Crystal Violin D String

Item# C703D

List: $14.73Shar: $7.41

In Stock

Corelli Crystal Violin D string, Alloy wound on stabilon core

Alliance Vivace Violin E String

Item# C801E

Starting From: $1.66

In Stock

Corelli Alliance Violin E String, 4/4 size, Medium gauge, Steel

Corelli Alliance Vivace Violin D String

Item# C803D

List: $34.54Shar: $16.58

In Stock

Corelli Alliance Violin D string, Silver and aluminum wound on synthetic core

Corelli Alliance Vivace Violin G String

Item# C804G

List: $38.88Shar: $18.56

In Stock

Corelli Alliance Violin G String. Silver wound on synthetic core.

Super Sensitive Hypoallergenic Clarity Rosin for Violin or Viola

Item# 1179HV

Shar: $11.49Sale: $11.25

In Stock

Made from a synthetic resin compound, containing no pine rosin. Provides a clear string response, and is unaffected by humidity.

Stretto® Humidifier with Hygrometer for Violin or Viola

Item# S1020


In Stock

The Stretto from Switzerland is simply the most effective system for maintaining a safe and consistent humidity level in a case's interior. The Stretto bag effectively humidifies for up to two weeks. When ready to rehydrate the bag, simply re-soak in water (use distilled water for best results). Benefits to the player include an instrument safer from the risk of cracks, more consistent performance, and bow hair that does not dry and shrink (causing higher tension risking warpage or even tip breaks).

Charles Avsharian, CEO of SHAR, says about the Stretto: "I highly recommend the Stretto system to advanced players and professionals as it is without question the best humidifying system available. The humidifying bags are easy to use, and last up to two weeks without any maintenance. For those with valuable instruments and bows, I believe the Stretto system is extremely valuable for safeguarding their investment and for consistent top performance."

And Cyrus Forough, Concert Artist, Professor of Violin , Carnegie Mellon University says about the Stretto: "As in all museums protecting great works of art, the humidity must be equalized for the preservation  of such masterpieces. All instruments require similar protection, regardless of their age, we owe it to our precious investment. I heartily recommend the Stretto."

Humidity Advisory
Central heating, air conditioning and the dry climate parts of the country have done more damage to musical instruments than all other natural forces. There are a few absolutes to follow in order to keep your instrument in top condition and save time and money spent on repair.

1. Use the Stretto system of controlled, moisture release and electronic humidistat.
2. Keep your case closed at all times except to remove or replace the instrument.
3. Replace moisture pouches as needed (keep some spares handy).

Corelli Alliance Vivace Violin A String

Item# C802A

List: $26.80Shar: $13.18

In Stock

Corelli Alliance Violin A string, Aluminum wound on synthetic core

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