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Carlo Lamberti® Classic Violin - 4/4 size

Item# LV14 44


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How Do You Improve a Classic?

Developed by Charles Avsharian, SHAR CEO, our original Carlo Lamberti violin is a popular choice among advancing players and their teachers. And for many good reasons: a warm, sweet tone, with a variety of tonal colors, quality Chinese craftsmanship, tasteful hand-varnish, striking wood flaming, premium fittings and strings all combine to make these exceptional violins. Our all-new Lamberti Classic starts with the same qualities, and takes them to the next level. You will notice this in balanced and seamless tone, the buttery varnish, and the exquisite attention to detail in the workmanship. In fact, we believe there is no better violin anywhere in this price range. The Lamberti Classic is Best In Class!

Karl Joseph Schneider® Stradivari Violin - 4/4 size

Item# KJS1044


In Stock

Our Karl Joseph Schneider® Stradivari is made especially for SHAR by our partner workshop in Germany. Fine craftsmanship, aged tonewoods, lightly-anitqued but traditional varnish and close attention to detail make the Schneider® Stradivari unmistakably German. But we wanted a more aggressive sound, dark but with focus, projection and articulation, for the creative violinist who often plays a wide variety of musical styles. The moment you draw your bow across the strings, you'll see immediately that the Schneider® Stradivari delivers on this promise. 4/4 size.

Karl Joseph Schneider® Master Art Violin - 4/4 size

Item# KJS3044


In Stock

The beloved Karl Joseph Schneider® Master Art violin had been one of the most teacher-recommended violins we ever offered. And no wonder: superb tone and balance, careful German craftsmanship and a wonderful "Old German" antique varnish, all add up to a winner. Our careful shop setup and play testing assures that your new Schneider® violin will perform at its best as soon as it arrives in your home.

In a world of mass-produced merchandise that lacks "that certain something", isn't it comforting to know that there are still skilled craftsmen making violins using time-tested methods that were handed down to them by past generations? Our German-made Karl Joeseph Schneider® violins are hand-made, often in the very homes of skilled "Geigenbaumeisters". All of our Schneider® violins are made to our specifications, carefully designed for students that are moving up to an instrument capable of bringing out a broad range of musical expression.

"The Schneider® Master Art has been very popular ever since we started carrying this violin. I personally like it for its very rich, warm sound. Though a warm violin, it still has a lot of power to project in a large hall. They also come in fractional sizes, making them perfect for an advancing student."
- Aaron Prior, Violist and Shar Violin Shop Sales Supervisor

Aubert Lutherie Vuillaume Model Violin - 4/4 size

Item# AL7044


In Stock

The graceful curves and refined tone are but a few of the distinctive qualities of Aubert Lutherie violins. With a style uniquely French, and a sound in the acoustic principals of the great Cremonese makers, this model is inspired by the work of famed 19th-century Parisian maker J.B. Vuillaume, an early devotee of Stradivari and Guarneri.

Franz Hoffmann® Prelude Violin Outfit - 4/4 size

Item# HV120T44


In Stock

Recommended for Beginners on a budget. The Prelude is made with higher quality tonewood that will allow Beginners to advance further on their musical journey before trading up to another instrument.

Hand made by skilled artisans from aged maple and spruce tonewoods. Enhanced arching gives a warmer and more powerful sound; careful varnish application gives a clean and precise look that brings out the beauty of the wood; better quality pegs allow your young student to master the intricacies of tuning. In every way, our Prelude will exceed your expectations for a beginner's instrument - it will delight both parents and teachers and inspire your young student. Set-up with Overture Premium strings. Outfit includes KVB Brazilwood bow, rosin and TC66 shaped case. Made in China, inspected in our Ann Arbor workshop. Available in 4/4 - 1/32 sizes.

Aubert Lutherie Alexandre LeFrancois Violin - 4/4 size

Item# AL10044


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In the rich, centuries-old tradition of French violinmaking, the Aubert Lutherie continues to handcraft beautiful violins ideal for players of discriminating tonal and visual tastes. Well-seasoned tonewoods, stylish workmanship, and a soft, buttery varnish gives the Lefrancois violin a round, warm, full-bodied sound, well-balanced and quickly responsive.

Celia Bridges Violin, 1997, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Item# F2 S3555

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Hermann Macklett Violin, 1871, Chicago, IL, USA

Item# F2 S4246

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Herman Macklett (1834-1884). An upholsterer by trade and violin maker by avocation, he was the first to show an interest in making violins. He eventually abandoned his upholstery business and established a violin shop in Chicago. The Great Chicago Fire destroyed the shop, but he and his wife, Elizabeth (Kahlert) Macklett, rescued the most valuable violins by stuffing them into large grain sacks and carrying them across the Chicago river. Herman worked on his violins from the 1860s through the 1880s. During his lifetime he made about 150 violins, and they are a rare find.

Karl Joseph Schneider Violin, 1991, Germany

Item# F1 S1629

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Franz Hoffmann® Maestro Violin Outfit with TC66 Case - 4/4 size

Item# SVB2WHZ44


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A favorite among Suzuki and other Private teachers who prefer a warm tone with strong projection.

The Maestro is a beautifully-performing and dependable violin that possesses all the hallmarks of time-tested craftsmanship. The tone, playability, hand-feel and consistency will keep students motivated, teachers impressed and parents delighted. With an unusually warm, round tone, yet outstanding projection, the Franz Hoffmann Maestro stands a head taller than other student violins at this price. Carefully adjusted and test played in our Ann Arbor workshop, your Maestro is ready to play and sure to delight for years to come. 4/4 - 1/4 sizes.

Finkel Atelier Violin, Brienz, Switzerland

Item# F2 S2902

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Ashot Vartanian Violin, 2003, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Item# F2 S4558

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SHAR's master restoration and repair expert, Vartanian worked at the Bolshoi in Moscow and the Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria in Cremone in the late 1970s. His wealth of experience informs his choices for models, archings, graduations, and varnishes.

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