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Karl Joseph Schneider® Antiqued Viola - 16 inch

Item# KJS70V16


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Full, complex tonal palette matches the beautifully antiqued varnish. An exceptional instrument for the dedicated violist.

Scrollavezza & Zanre Viola

Item# SZA500V


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Scrollavezza & Zanre Master and Atelier violins and violas are conceived and made with the object of qualitative excellence from an acoustic and artistic viewpoint. Made according to traditional methods, handed down by Italian classical violin-making, considerable detail is given to all aspects of production, including set-up, which is given maximum attention in order to ensure each instrument reaches its full potential.

John Cheng® Stradivari Model Viola

Item# AS75V

Shar: $3,000.00Sale: $2,500.00

In Stock

John Cheng violas combine the finest, aged tonewoods from China, meticulous workmanship, and expert varnish work. This Stradivari model captures the essence of the great Italian master, and gives us the tonal qualities which have set Strads apart. Full-bodied and sonorous with excellent response and balance.

Carlo Lamberti® Tertis Viola

Item# LVA17


Call 866.742.7270 for availability

In the 1930s, Lionel Tertis, the most influential violist of the 20th century, created a unique design for a viola that allowed for a big, viola sound, yet was easy to navigate by smaller or younger players. The result is a viola with a small upper bout for maneuverability and a large lower bout for big sound. Our new Lamberti® Tertis viola is based on Tertis's design. It is beautifully crafted from choice tonewoods and finished with a subtle antique varnish. Our violists here at SHAR have described this viola's cello- like sound as awesome . Since the lower bouts are large, we recommend the Heritage Pro Adjustable Case (730X). This instrument will not fit in an 860 case.

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