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Yamaha® Silent Viola 16" Size ONLY Brown

Item# YSA16


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Yamaha Silent Viola
(Yamaha model SVV200)
Designed for both silent practice and performance settings, Silent Violas feature the traditional body styling of the Yamaha Electric Violin, plus an upgraded dual piezo pickup system, providing a more powerful output signal with more tonal balance and a nicer bass response. Brown body in standard 16" size.

Yamaha products cannot be shipped outside the United States.

NS Design NXT Viola Black



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Ned Steinberger - NS Design NXT Electric Viola

NSV4X (4-string)

The NXT viola opens up a new horizon for the serious musician seeking to play a world-class electric viola on a limited budget. These new instruments, crafted in the Czech Republic by the makers of NS Design's renowned CR series, exemplify flawless workmanship at an incredible value.

Light weight and balance are critical factors for any electric viola, and the NXT is one of the lightest and best-balanced performance electrics available. Weighing less than 1.5 pounds, the NXT uses special carving techniques to reduce the weight of the maple body, while preserving extraordinary rigidity and striking good looks. Ultralight tail-mounted tuners allow precise adjustment, easy string changes, and keep the balance point of the instrument close to the shoulder for maximum comfort.

The advanced piezo technology eliminates the need for heavy on-board batteries and circuitry. The self-powered Polar electromechanical transducer has higher output than most active systems. The result is unsurpassed dynamic range, clarity, and sheer power. The dual mode Polar pickup responds to both lateral string vibration for bowing and vertical vibration for pizzicato playing. The resulting sound retains the essential timbre of a fine acoustic viola, but is easily modified - via on-board controls or post-processing - to suit almost any sonic palette.

The NXT is also the first NS viola to incorporate NS Design's innovative JackPot potentiometer in its volume and tone controls. Conventional passive volume and tone controls work by siphoning a portion of the output signal to ground, and continue to hold back a portion of the pickup's signal even when turned up all the way. The JackPot incorporates a rotary switch that can disengage the ground and send 100% of the instrument's signal to the amplifier. The result is a fuller, richer tone, with more power, detail, and overall intensity.

As adaptable as it is powerful, the NXT adjusts easily to any violiist's style. It comes equipped with the NS Custom Shoulder Rest, which can be formed by the player to fit the body perfectly.

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