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Eliton C.TON Travel Cello

Item# EC500


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A SHAR Exclusive: An Extraordinary Cello Especially for the Traditional Cellist

No other travel, electric, or practice cello feels so similar to a traditional acoustic cello except for the Eliton C.TON! Designed and assembled by a luthier in the US, the C.TON was created with the travelling cellist in mind. Crafted to the highest technical and performance standards, the c.ton folds cleverly for carrying, and fits within its own compact, sturdy bag.

The c.ton can be played completely without amplification, producing enough sound for private practice. For high fidelity work, the c.ton comes with custom acoustic headphones, allowing you to hear every detail of your practice, without needing a volt of electricity. During electric amplification the C.TON's unique pickup system allows for crystal clear sound capture while minimizing feedback. So you can perfectly amplify the c.ton for a small chamber concert, a stadium Rock 'n Roll event, or anything in between!

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