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NS Design CR Series 4 String Electric Cello - 4/4 size

Item# NSC4


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The NS Cello, available with 4, 5, or 6 strings, is able to produce the delicate and precise tones of its acoustic parent as well as to create exciting new sounds through the tone shaping geometry of its innovative Polar pickup system and dual-mode preamp. The onboard EQ and mixer provides full control of the electronics, so that the brilliant highs and deep lows can be tamed to deliver a traditional tone, or set loose to explore new territory. The use of standard cello strings and scale length establishes a familiar starting point for the cellists' journey to the electric world. A small brass bump on the backof the neck marks the spot where the heel interrupts the neck on a conventional cello, yet allows unfretted access to the entire fingerboard. Discreet dot markers provide a visual reference for accurate intonation. A headphone jack is provided for convenience. The NS Cello is made from solid rock maple for a rigid, durable, compact structure that is easy to transport. More importantly, the solid body construction eliminates the wolf tones that have caused problems for cellists for centuries, and at the same time controls the feedback problems faced by many players today. An adjustable truss rod in the neck controlsfingerboard relief, and string height is adjustable, so it easy to set up the NS Cello to satisfy individual player preferences. Fully encased 18:1 worm gear tuning hardware insures precise, stable tuning. A fully adjustable Tripod Stand can be used seated or standing. The optional End Pin Stand provides the traditional cello points of contact and position. The NS Strap System allows the cellist to stand up with full mobility for a new experience of freedom and expression.

NS Design NXT Series 4-String Electric Cello - 4/4 size - Black



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NS Design NXT 5-String Electric Cello Sunburst

Item# NSC5X SB


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NS Design NXT Series 5-String Electric Cello - 4/4 Size - Black



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Eliton C.TON Travel Cello

Item# EC500


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A SHAR Exclusive: An Extraordinary Cello Especially for the Traditional Cellist

No other travel, electric, or practice cello feels so similar to a traditional acoustic cello except for the Eliton C.TON! Designed and assembled by a luthier in the US, the C.TON was created with the travelling cellist in mind. Crafted to the highest technical and performance standards, the c.ton folds cleverly for carrying, and fits within its own compact, sturdy bag.

The c.ton can be played completely without amplification, producing enough sound for private practice. For high fidelity work, the c.ton comes with custom acoustic headphones, allowing you to hear every detail of your practice, without needing a volt of electricity. During electric amplification the C.TON's unique pickup system allows for crystal clear sound capture while minimizing feedback. So you can perfectly amplify the c.ton for a small chamber concert, a stadium Rock 'n Roll event, or anything in between!

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