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Plug 'n Play™ Cello Outfit

Item# PPC24T


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We've just added more reasons to love Plug 'n Play™ cellos! Working with a performing electric cellist, we focused on the needs of ensemble performers. Because tuning in the middle of a performance can be frightful, we added geared pegs, which hold their tuning and make adjustments almost imperceptible. We also added much more power, so you can soar above the horns when the music calls for it! And for practice at home, you can forgo the amp, plug in the included earphones, and practice without disturbing others. 

If you play a traditional acoustic cello, switching over to the Plug ' Play™ couldn't be easier – just plug into an amp, adjust the carbon fiber endpin, have a seat, and start playing. If you perform in a band and need to stand up, remove the endpin, insert the special extra long endpin provided, clip on the chest piece for added support, and you're ready to rock. Each Plug 'n Play™ is set up by SHAR, including critical finishing of the ebony fingerboard. 

Outfit includes pro gig bag, Brazilwood bow (KCB), cable with 1/4" jack, earbuds and 9-volt battery. In ebony black. 

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