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Plug 'n Play Violin

We worked with a professional multi-genre violinist on what pros want. This is the result!

A Silent Violin

A Silent Violin?

Aren't violins made to be heard? Why would you want a silent violin? We explore the advantages.

Let's Jam

Let's Jam!

There are a lot of different ways to go electric. Let us help guide you!


Yamaha® Silent Electric Cello

Instrument: Cello
Level: Intermediate


Yamaha Silent Electric Cello(Yamaha model SVC110)
Yamaha designers worked together with some of the worlds greatest cellists to create the Silent Electric Cello series, and the talent and inspiration of these artists is reflected in their beautiful warm tone and comfortable playability. This cello plays and sounds so similar to a fine acoustic cello, that players will find it expressive and comfortable to use, but they will also appreciate being able to practice whenever and wherever they want, thanks to the silent function.

Practice with CDs, connect to an amplifier, or simply play in private without disturbing others through the provided headphones. The Aux In, Line Out and Headphone jacks allow for great versatility. Connect a CD or other musical source, and play along with your favorite recordings! Use the Line Out to connect to a PA system and perform live, or use the headphones for private playing.

Newly designed pickups produce an incredibly natural sound closely resembling that of an acoustic cello. The beautifully finished body is designed to preserve and enhance the warm tonal harmonics, combined with a solid crisp sound that works well using an amplifier and speaker.

The rich full tone is enhanced with a spacious reverb, offering three settings for Large Hall, Medium Hall or Room, to best suit your performance environment.

Features ebony fingerboard and pegs, maple neck and spruce body. Aubert Maple bridge, Wittner Ultra tailpiece, four fine tuners. Includes headphones, cable and soft case. Look for the optional AC adapter (Item # PA3B) under the Yamaha pull-down under accessories.

Yamaha products cannot be shipped outside the United States.


Ned Steinberger - NS Design NXT Electric Violin

NSV4X (4-string)

The NXT violin opens up a new horizon for the serious musician seeking to play a world-class electric violin on a limited budget. These new instruments, crafted in the Czech Republic by the makers of NS Design's renowned CR series, exemplify flawless workmanship at an incredible value.

Light weight and balance are critical factors for any electric violin, and the NXT is one of the lightest and best-balanced performance electrics available. Weighing less than 1.5 pounds, the NXT uses special carving techniques to reduce the weight of the maple body, while preserving extraordinary rigidity and striking good looks. Ultralight tail-mounted tuners allow precise adjustment, easy string changes, and keep the balance point of the instrument close to the shoulder for maximum comfort.

The advanced piezo technology eliminates the need for heavy on-board batteries and circuitry. The self-powered Polar electromechanical transducer has higher output than most active systems. The result is unsurpassed dynamic range, clarity, and sheer power. The dual mode Polar pickup responds to both lateral string vibration for bowing and vertical vibration for pizzicato playing. The resulting sound retains the essential timbre of a fine acoustic violin, but is easily modified - via on-board controls or post-processing - to suit almost any sonic palette.

The NXT is also the first NS violin to incorporate NS Design's innovative JackPot potentiometer in its volume and tone controls. Conventional passive volume and tone controls work by siphoning a portion of the output signal to ground, and continue to hold back a portion of the pickup's signal even when turned up all the way. The JackPot incorporates a rotary switch that can disengage the ground and send 100% of the instrument's signal to the amplifier. The result is a fuller, richer tone, with more power, detail, and overall intensity.

As adaptable as it is powerful, the NXT adjusts easily to any violinist's style. It comes equipped with the NS Custom Shoulder Rest, which can be formed by the player to fit the body perfectly.

SHAR Electric Violin Outfit

Instrument: Violin
Level: Beginning


"The new SHAR Electric Violin plays like a fiddle, feels like a fiddle, and sounds like a fiddle. You can finally afford to "rock" your string program with an entry-level electric violin. With both a quarter inch and mini (headphone) jack students can use this both as a performance and a practice instrument. This is the perfect instrument to introduce your students to the world of electric strings." - Bob Phillips

Start Playing Electric Violin Where Every Violin Student Starts: SHAR

Have you thought about going electric, but just didn't know how to get started? Do you need an instrument that is affordable yet will perform without problems? With so many confusing websites, have you been afraid of getting burned by those bargain basement electrics that may look inexpensive, but you know that they just won't perform as you need them to? You know that you can trust SHAR for quality affordable acoustic instruments, now SHAR offers you the perfect way to start with Electrics!

We designed and built the SHAR Electric Violin around four core principles that hundreds of violinists told us any good electric violin must meet: It must sound like an acoustic violin, only loud. It has to have professional features, such as a 1/4" output jack. It has to have a silent practice feature. And it has to feel like playing an acoustic violin. Built especially for SHAR, professionally setup in SHAR's own shop, and individually inspected, adjusted and test-played, the SHAR Electric may be just what you have been looking for. Ebony pegs and fingerboard, carbon fiber tailpiece with four fine tuners, proper and professional setup, and fitted with Overture Premium strings, the SHAR Electric Violin will feel familiar right out of the box. Now's your chance to easily stand up next to that trumpet player in church!

The outfit includes a Toshira case, Schmidt bow, rosin, cable, battery, and earphones... add an amp, plug in, and you are all set! Available in four vivid colors: Jet Black, Titanium White, Electric Blue, and Fire Red.


SHAR Electric Violin Outfit

REVIEWED ON: April 11, 2015

Very happy with my new Shar electric violin

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reviewed by: WALTER CAMPBELL

I just received my Shar electric violin model SEVT. I could not be happier. The ebony fingerboard and pegs looked great. The finish was flawless. Nice thin bridge cut just right. The weight was much lighter than my other electric. Overall, I'm glad that I found out about Shar music and will be back again.


SHAR Electric Violin Outfit

REVIEWED ON: October 06, 2014

Wonderful Value. Loads of Fun

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reviewed by: Anonymous

I purchased this electric violin after considering an electric purchase for over 1 year. As an acoustic violin player the biggest hold up on a purchase was price. I had been looking at models in the $800-$1,300 range and just couldn't get myself to spend the money for fear that I wouldn't really like an electric violin. This Shar model offered me the ability to try an electric violin without spending a great deal of money. I've only had the violin for 1 week but will do my best to give a helpful review. The first impression fresh out of the box was that of being happy with its visual appearance. I purchased a white model and am very happy with the visual aesthetics. The second impression was equally satisfying when I discovered how easy it is to play. I had very little adjustment to it. The weight and string height make for enjoyable playing. The case is entirely adequate considering the amount of money I paid for the entire outfit. The bow is okay. The ear buds are worthless as they don't even fit in my ears but I wasn't buying this for the ear buds, the bow or even the case. I was buying the instrument. I do not have another electric to compare this to but I do enjoy it and certainly enjoy the sound it produces. I look forward to using this electronic model for playing out at certain venues and here at home when I want to change up the sound a bit. This is a wonderful value and a great way to get your feet wet with an electric instrument. Even my 11 year old wants to play it where as he wasn't too interested in my acoustic violin.


Plug 'n Play™ 4-string Electric Violin Outfit

REVIEWED ON: July 10, 2014

Good but not great

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reviewed by: AARON BAKER

I needed an amplified violin for some of our group's performances. Didn't want to modify my violin by adding a pickup. This electric violin seemed priced right for an occasional use. It's bridge is shaped differently from my violin so bow angles are different. Something you need to consider. Also the strings that come on the violin are very poor. The G & D strings buzz very badly which is carried thru the amplifier. I'll have to change the strings before I would use it in a performance. Not sure at this time if I will keep it or return it. Remember you will not get the same sound from this violin as you do from your acoustic violin. In conclusion, you get what you pay for. This violin is half the price of better known electric violins.


SHAR Electric Violin Outfit

REVIEWED ON: May 13, 2014

This fiddle is fun!

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reviewed by: FRANK DELONG

Seldom have I been so delighted by an online purchase. You will not believe how much fun it is to play this electric violin. This one comes with everything you need except the amplifier (and an inexpensive one is available for a little more money). I plugged mine into my keyboard amp and played around with effects and shapes until the wee small hours.


SHAR Electric Violin Outfit

REVIEWED ON: March 14, 2014

Quality for the money and a great starter electric

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reviewed by: TOM SMITH

I just bought this violin and have had it for only about 10 days. I am going to play a St. Pat's dinner party (you know what they are like!) and that is the main reason I got it. The quality for the money is unsurpassed. Play around with the bass and treble knobs and hear yourself from a distance and you will be impressed. Finally I can go out and play at parties and taverns and not worry about my very expensive acoustic. If you want an electric, but this one!


SHAR Electric Violin Outfit

REVIEWED ON: February 10, 2014

$200 electric violin

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reviewed by: Anonymous

I have had my electric violin for a few weeks now. I am very happy with it so far. I purchased this electric violin because I will be traveling a lot and I did not want to bring my expensive acoustic violin with me to practice. This way if the violin gets lost or damaged I won't be as upset because I only spent $200 dollars on it. This is an excellent deal if you are just starting out, or if like me you need a backup violin for traveling or taking it to places where you wouldn't want to take a more expensive instrument. The violin sounds decent, everythings on it works. It is quieter than an acoustic violin but not completely silent. Hopefully I will be able to practice now in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone. It came with a pretty nice case. The bow and the little headphones it came with are low quality but that's not a big deal, you can always upgrade the bow and buy a better pair of headphones later. Overall I am satisfied with this violin.


Plug 'n Play™ 4-string Electric Violin Outfit

REVIEWED ON: December 11, 2013

Good instrument

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reviewed by: Anonymous

Great way to get into electric violin.Price was good bought on sale so even better.Really good sound for price,nice to play,bridge is shaped just right string action good. For anyone who wants to try electric this is a good way to begin.I use it with a multi effect pedal so it's even more fun. The only problem is it is a bit heavy but I'm older and have arthritis so it probably won't bother a young player.Great way to have fun would recommend!


NS Design WAV4 Electric Violin - 4 String - 4/4 size

REVIEWED ON: January 12, 2010

great instrument !

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reviewed by: PIERRE MARTIN

Beautiful finish, came in perfectly set-up. Very nice tone, bright yet warm with beautiful harmonics. *****


NS Design CR Series 4 String Electric Cello - 4/4 size

REVIEWED ON: November 06, 2008


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reviewed by: brian

It looks cool and sounds great. I like being able to go up the fingerboard without restriction.


Wood 5-String Fretless Viper Magenta Burl Top

REVIEWED ON: May 01, 2008

Best Designed Electric Violin Out There!

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reviewed by: Paul Violin

Between it's revolutionary patented chest-support )which makes the whole violin float painlessly on your shoulder, hands free(, the Barbera transducer pickup )which gives it an amazing tone(, and it's obvious visual factor, Wood Violins' Viper is a must-have for the modern violinist, and is sure to turn heads everywhere.