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Previously Owned - Slight Wear - Franz Hoffmann® Prelude Cello - Instrument Only - 3/4 size

Item# THC120 34

Shar: $710.00Sale: $664.00

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This Franz Hoffmann instrument does not come with any accessories, it is the instrument only. Most players purchase an outfit to start which includes a case, bow, and rosin, all of which are needed to begin playing.

It was time - our best-selling Prelude cello has always been an outstanding value in a beginner's cello. But we were delighted when we found a workshop that raised the bar! Working closely with this workshop and our instrument partner in Beijing, we finally created the best beginner cello on the market today: The New Prelude Cello.

Hand-carved aged flamed maple and clear, straight-grained spruce, the new Prelude is as much a delight to look at as it is to play. The delicately shaded golden-brown varnish is spirit-based and hand applied, allowing the Prelude to vibrate freely and the sound to blossom. Careful attention to the ebony fingerboard allows your young student to advance quickly, without fighting poor setup. Smoothly functioning ebony pegs, perfectly-fitted bridge and post and final test playing and adjustment at our Ann Arbor workshop ensures that the Prelude will perform perfectly, with no wolf tones.

Previously Owned - Slight Wear - Otto Ernst Fischer® Artist Cello - 3/4 size

Item# TOF600C34

Shar: $3,750.00Sale: $2,625.00

In Stock

Please call a Violin Shop representative at 866.742.7270 for information about this instrument.

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