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Blemished Franz Hoffmann® Prelude Bass - Instrument Only - 3/4 size

Item# BHB12034

Shar: $1,699.00Sale: $1,359.00

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The perfect bass for that serious student in your household - excellent performance, easy playability, and a bright sounding tone - at a value price! This bass is made of fine laminates which have been carefully dried and aged. This process ensures durability which is critical in a large instrument. A beautiful veneer is then applied over the surface of the wood. Unlike many lesser basses, the Prelude has a sturdy ebony fingerboard, an adjustable bridge, and is set-up with Helicore strings. Made in China and set-up in Ann Arbor.

This Franz Hoffmann bass does not come with any accessories, it is the bass only. Most players purchase an outfit to start which includes a case, bow, and rosin, all of which are needed to begin playing. You can find an outfit here.

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