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Inokuchi Masa Cello, 2004, Toronto

Item# F2 S4690B

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Inokuchi & Son have been manufacturing musical instruments of distinction for over 40 years. Considered by many to be one of the top makers of today, the present-day partnership of Master Violin-maker Masa Inokuchi and son Miki Inokuchi makes the third generation to continue in this family honored tradition.

Clyde Corello Cello, 1965, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Item# F2 S4927A

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Istvan Konya Cello, 1973, Hungary

Item# F2 S5034

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First of the Konya makers of Hungary. Initially a photographer, then taught himself to make violins in the 1960s. Later studied in Cremona and was asked to make violins for the Menuhin School in the UK. Won various medals. His two sons, Istvan II (who later Italianised his name to Stefano Conia) and Lajos both became makers.

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