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Aubert Lutherie Vuillaume Model Cello - 4/4 size

Item# AL70C44


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Tracing its beginnings to 1865, the Aubert Lutherie atelier in Mirecourt, France has provided countless musicians with instruments beautifully made in the tradition of famed 19th century Parisian J.B. Vuillaume. The clear, powerful tone, quick response, and excellent carrying power are well suited for advancing players.

Carlo Lamberti® Sonata Cello - 4/4 size

Item# LC1144

Shar: $2,400.00Sale: $2,000.00

In Stock

A dramatically improved version, this Lamberti® offers cellists of all ages and levels a full, rich, foward sound, without the brittle edge so often heard in lesser instruments. Developed to the specifications of Charles Avsharian, CEO of Shar, these instruments are among the finest examples of Chinese instruments being made today. He traveled to China to work with fellow music professors there, ensuring that these instruments are of exceptional quality and value. They are suitable for serious students who want the best possible sound and visual appeal - all at an attractive price.

Want to try out a cello? Shar's In-Home Trial Program is safe, easy, and risk-free. You can try out a cello for a 7-10 day period with no deposit, and no obligation to purchase, just a low $80 shipping fee which covers round-trip shipping to and from. After trying our cellos, though, most players decide to keep them for life. Give us a call, we're all string players, and we can discuss which cello is best suited to your needs: 866-742-7270.

Franz Hoffmann® Amadeus Cello Outfit - 4/4 size

Item# HC100T 44


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Available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/10
Teachers will appreciate the lovely hand-feel, usually found only on expensive cellos. The bridge and soundpost are expertly fitted for optimum sound quality. Solid maple back and spruce top with ebony pegs, fingerboard and fittings. The ebony pegs turn smoothly. Responsive steel core strings work perfectly with the fine carbon-fiber tailpiece with four built-in string adjusters. Finished in a durable and attractive red-brown nitro varnish. Made in China, play-tested and adjusted in our Ann Arbor workshop. Outfit includes Heritage (HCB320) cello bag, KCB Brazilwood bow and rosin.

Franz Hoffmann® Amadeus Laminate Cello Outfit - 4/4 Size

Item# PC100T 44


Out of Stock

Franz Hoffmann Student Cello
From the same great workshop that makes the Franz Hoffmann bass, we are proud to present our new Hoffmann Student Cello. Famed string educator and clinician Bob Phillips has called our Hoffmann Student Bass "... easily the best value in a student bass today!" Because of its sturdy, crack-resistant, all-laminated construction, the Hoffmann Student Cello is ideal for schools, rental programs and aspiring young cellists just starting out. All of the features that make the Hoffmann Student Bass America's most popular bass are incorporated into this new cello: Beautiful wood, genuine ebony fingerboard and fittings, durable and lustrous nitro varnish and outstanding setup with Overture Premium cello strings. Our own professional staff carefully inspects every Hoffmann Student Cello in China before they are allowed to be shipped to our Ann Arbor headquarters, where each cello undergoes final play testing and tonal adjustment. The result is a loud, clear-sounding, easy-to-play cello that will bring years of enjoyment to any young cellist!

John Cheng® Antonio Stradivari Cello - 4/4 Size

Item# AS75C 44


In Stock

John Cheng cellos combine the finest, aged tonewoods from China, meticulous workmanship, and expert varnish work. This Stradivari model captures the essence of the great Italian master, and gives us the tonal qualities which have set Strads apart as the gold standard for design and acoustics: full-bodied warmth and sonorous brilliance, with excellent response and balance. Carefully crafted under the watchful eye of a European trained master luthier, you can be assured of the lasting quality of this fine cello.

Clyde Corello Cello, 1965, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Item# F2 S4927A

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In Stock

Istvan Konya Cello, 1973, Hungary

Item# F2 S5034

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In Stock

First of the Konya makers of Hungary. Initially a photographer, then taught himself to make violins in the 1960s. Later studied in Cremona and was asked to make violins for the Menuhin School in the UK. Won various medals. His two sons, Istvan II (who later Italianised his name to Stefano Conia) and Lajos both became makers.

Ming-Jiang Zhu Artist Cello - 4/4 size

Item# MZ100C


In Stock

From the workshop of gold medal winning luthier Ming-Jiang Zhu comes the Artist cello. Gentle antiquing and a handsome red-brown varnish on golden ground make this a very attractive cello. Expertly set-up and adjusted in our Ann Arbor shop, these cellos are deeply resonant and sing in all registers. Performers of all levels will enjoy their clear, powerful, and even tone. 4/4 size.

Franz Hoffmann® Prelude Cello Outfit - 4/4 size

Item# HC120T44


Out of Stock

Hand-carved of aged flamed maple and clear, straight-grained spruce, the Prelude is as much a delight to look at as it is to play. The delicately-shaded golden-brown varnish is spirit-based and hand-applied, allowing the Prelude to vibrate freely and the sound to blossom. Careful attention to the ebony fingerboard allows your young student to advance quickly, without fighting poor setup. Smoothly functioning ebony pegs, perfectly-fitted bridge and post. Made in China with final test playing and adjustment in our Ann Arbor workshop to ensure that the Prelude will perform perfectly, with no wolf tones.

Available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/10 sizes.

Outfit includes a brazilwood/horsehair (KCB) bow, rosin and Heritage (HCB320) cello bag.

Franz Hoffmann® Concert Cello - Instrument Only - 4/4 size

Item# SH500C


In Stock

Designed from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of America's school string teachers, Hoffmann Concert cellos represent advanced level quality at a student instrument price. With careful wood selection, hand-craftsmanship, carving and bass bar design and installation, the focus is on tone and performance. Fine, hand-applied spirit varnish with expert antiquing compares favorably to cellos retailing at $5,000 and higher. We are confident in saying that this is the finest student cello on the market today.

This Franz Hoffmann cello does not come with any accessories, it is the cello only.

Franz Hoffmann® Amadeus Laminate Cello - 4/4 Size

Item# PC100


Out of Stock

Sturdy, crack-resistant, full laminated construction with nitro varnish, solid maple scroll, ebony fingerboard and fittings, and Overture Premium strings.  This durable cello is sure to withstand the rigors of any player or program. An open sound and exceptional playability is what our customers experience with the Franz Hoffmann inspection and setup process.  Made in China, setup in our Ann Arbor shop.

Available in 4/4 to 1/8 size.

This Franz Hoffmann cello does not come with any accessories, it is the cello only. Most players purchase an outfit to start which includes a case, bow, and rosin, all of which are needed to begin playing. You can find an outfit here.

Karl Joseph Schneider® Stradivari Cello - 4/4 Size

Item# KJS10C44


In Stock

German Craftsmanship. American Attitude.

Our Karl Joseph Schneider® Stradivari is made especially for SHAR by our partner workshop in Germany. Fine craftsmanship, aged tonewoods, lightly-antiqued but traditional varnish and close attention to detail make the Stradivari unmistakably German. But we wanted a more aggressive sound, dark but with focus, projection and articulation, for the creative violinist who often plays a wide variety of musical styles. The moment you draw your bow across the strings, you'll see immediately that the Schneider® Stradivari delivers on this promise.

14 Items

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