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At the SHAR Violin Shop, our specialists are all string players and can help you in your search for a great playing instrument or bow. With real-world playing and teaching experience, our specialists have the expertise to answer your detailed questions. For more information about our collection of fine and rare cellos, please call us at 866.742.7270, email us, or start a live chat below.

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Italian "Giuseppe Lecchi", Genoa, c.1945
Tyrolean "Mathias Albani", c.1850
John Furber, London, 1815
Marilyn Wallin, Boston, 2010
Viseltear & Young, New York, 2005
David Wiebe, Nebraska, 1994
Masa Inokuchi, Toronto, 2004
Hans Zebelien, Erlangen, Germany, 2009
Aubert Lutherie, A. Lefrancois model, Mirecourt, 2008
Aubert Lutherie, Serie Limitee model, Mirecourt, 1998
Arie Werbrouck, Boston, 2009
E. Wunderlich, Markneukirchen, 1966

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