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Gewa Concerto Shaped Violin Case

Item# GWC100

Starting From: $60.00

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Here is the ideal case for students on the go! Starting with a super strong thermo shell that defies crushing, the GEWA Concerto is a marvel of clever German design and engineering. With fittings and hardware usually found only on expensive cases, such as Swiss-style latch, two premium bow spinners, built-in backpack straps, and blanket. Black cover is securely screwed to shell. Blue interior velour. 

Heritage® Go Violin Case

Item# 577


In Stock

The Heritage® Go! is a unique departure from traditional case designs - as a result it is lighter, easier to carry and store than almost any other case! The foam shell guards safely against temperature changes and impact while being lightweight (the full size model weighs a scant 3.75 lbs, while the 1/2 size model is well under 3 lbs). Includes: Suspension cushioning and matching blanket for extra protection. Easy-to-open/lock clasps on an adjustable shoulder strap. Full zippered exterior pocket with dual zippers for easy access. Two interior compartments forlittle things. Sure-grip handle with velcro wrap for comfortable carrying. Stylish black cover with velveteen interior. Two bow spinners.
These cases are available, while supplies last, in the following colors:

blue and red

Joey Violin Case Carrier

Item# JB100


In Stock

The Ultimate Backpack Case Carrier
Are you an active violinist, running nonstop to rehearsals, performances and lessons? Do you bring all your sheet music and accessories with you because there is zero time between performances?

Have you yearned for a free hand to take a phone call, grab a bite to eat or to hold your umbrella when it rains?

The Joey is a revolutionary new solution to carrying your violin case and all your accessories with ease! With the highest quality backpacking straps and cushions normally found only on top-end hiking and climbing gear, you'll forget you're wearing the Joey, yet everything you need is at hand.

Using the Joey is a snap! Easy to attach around any oblong violin case, and just as easy to remove. Secure clips and even a safety strap assure that your case isn't going anywhere except with you.

Everything an active player needs in one place, with a stylish look! Black fabric with reflective piping assures a great look with added safety, and the backpack straps stow under a flap when not in use. Zippered storage pockets easily hold a large orchestra folder, several quartets, metronome, pre-amp, cable and pencils. There is a special pouch for your iPad or Kindle and you can even bring your folding music stand or umbrella in Joey's special, fold-flat storage pouch.

The Joey is adjustable for use with all oblong violin cases. Violin case not included. Black.

Thermoplastic Shaped Violin Case

Item# 105


In Stock

Thermoplastic non-scuff exterior with aluminum flanged edges, tightly blocked interior, no space for shoulder rest. Blue plush lining glued to interior blocking. 4 lbs.

Toshira™ TC66 Shaped Violin Case

Item# TC66


In Stock

Here is a feature-loaded, dart-shaped cases at an irresistable price! Strong foam shell cushions your instrument. Trim, black nylon oxford cover with large music pocket. Two D-rings for easy shoulder strap attachment (strap included). Velour interior with semi-French fit. Velcro neck restraint, two bow spinners,large accessory compartment and comfortable plastic handle. A zipper secures the case - no center latch.

Toshira™ Attitude Violin Case

Item# TC67


In Stock

Toshira™ Deluxe TC100 Violin Case

Item# TC100


In Stock

Great features at an economical price! Includes blue plush interior with suspension cushioning, accessory compartment, velcro neck strap, two carrying straps, and two bow spinners. Velcro closure with latch, and heavy duty zipper. Wood shell and durable black exterior fabric with black trim, handle and strap.

Toshira™ Oblong Violin Case

Item# TC59


In Stock

An incredible bargain in a fully-featured case! Exterior features include zippered music pocket, center locking latch and subway strap. The interior offers 2 accessory compartments, blanket, suspension cushioning, 2 bow spinners and string tube (string tube comes with 4/4 size only). Weighs only 4 lbs. Available in Grey/Grey in 4/4 size only. Black/Blue in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/16 and 1/32 sizes.

American Case Company® Eagle Hill-Style Violin Case

Item# ACV3H


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Eagle Hill-Style Fit Violin CaseFamous Hill-style fit provides more open room inside the case and simple, clean design. One large and one medium accessory compartment. A choice of four solid velvet interiors is sure to please: Deep red, medium blue, dark moss green or silver-gray. Weighs 6 3/4 lbs.

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